March 30, 2023

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Smash Hit Plunder Now Available On PSVR


Triangular Pixels announced today that their new PSVR title Smash Hit Plunder is now available on disc or as a digital download on the PSN store priced at £24.99.


Players play as a VR Mage and have to smash and Plunder their way through a medieval castle called Castle Carvasso.  The game can be played solo or up to 3 friends can join in to help the player playing as the mage in VR.


Smash Hit Plunder has been built from the ground up for PSVR and offers 3 co-operative game modes  Treasure Rush, Scavenger Hunt & Free Play as well as 2 PVP modes Jewel Duel & Poltergeist Panic.  In the game players have to raid every inch of Castle Carvasso smashing it to pieces to collect as much treasure and cause as much havoc as possible.


Katie Goode, Creative Director of Triangular Pixels says “We’re incredibly proud of Smash Hit Plunder, having spent over 4 years developing the game we’re looking forward to players enjoying it for many years to come. Coming to disk is a dream for any developer and we’re very grateful for Perp to offer their support to breakthrough studios like ours.”


Stay tuned for our full review of Smash Hit Plunder coming soon on Stoffel Presents.