SOEDESCO Confirms it is Working on Next Generation Console Titles


by Badger Nimahson

In a press release earlier today SOEDESCO announced it has opened a new studio and also it is working on PS5, Xbox Scarlett and Google Stadia titles.

The main point SOEDESCO wanted to put out was the opening of its new studio based in the Czech Republic. As can be seen below:

SOEDESCO is expanding! As of today, SOEDESCO has opened another game development studio. After the first office of SOEDESCO® Studios opened in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, a second location has opened in Pilsen, Czech Republic today. 

Fairly standard press release right? Its the paragraph after that is personally the real story for me:

SOEDESCO Studios continues to focus on creating its own games. This has led to the opening of a second office. With two offices, SOEDESCO is striving to develop interesting new content fit for the next generation of gaming, such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Project Scarlett and Google Stadia.

Now I receive a ton of press release in my email every day and this is the first one that actually mentions making games for PS5, Xbox Project Scarlett and Google Stadia.

No other developer, studio or PR firm have out and out confirmed that they are working on PS5 or Xbox Scarlett games yet. This is complete speculation but from that simple paragraph above can we assume that SOEDESCO actually has PS5 dev kits? If so then an announcement of a release date cant be too far behind. I’m reckoning a November 2020 release.

Not to be overlooked either is the declaration that they are making games for Google Stadia. All titles announced so far for Stadia are ports. Does this mean Stadia is getting unique titles or is SOEDESCO including the Stadia as a day one launch platform for games alongside PS5 and Xbox Scarlett?

What are your thoughts on SOEDESCO announcing making games for PS5? Do you think Stadia will be a viable console? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Or come join us in our Discord

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