March 29, 2023

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solo: island of the heart

Solo: island of the Heart

Solo: island of the heart is a thought-provoking puzzle experience that you explore islands and new bits pop up as you clear box themed puzzles

Review by Marc ‘Ginner’ Smith

Solo: island of the heart is a thought-provoking puzzle experience that is created by, you explore islands and new bits pop up as you clear box themed puzzles.

Ok in solo: island of the heart there is only one game mode and that is the story and I’ll tell you all about this with the gameplay, you start off by using your own name for the character to make it a more personalized experience.

Pick the character you want to roam around the world and explore with then you jump straight into the world to explore and solve the box themed puzzles and get a better understanding of love.

solo: island of the heart

(why Badger chose the soulless one for this I will never know haha) but yes you read that right love Solo: island of the hearts as the name suggests is a love game.

They really do ask you some hard questions of love (be aware your spouse/partners may not like your answers to some of these questions).

also, you have the magic to move the boxes which of there are a few types the normal box then there are fan boxes which can be used as platforms or to blow you into the air (don’t worry you have a parachute).

Solo: island of the heart

also, platform boxes where a plank will come out of the box to walk and get across them desired gaps but these are your only obstacles along the way there are no monsters or anything you kill on the way it is just purely questions and puzzles.

The graphics in this game are quite simplistic and cartoony but don’t take that as a bad thing it actually suits and goes well with these sort of games (we all know that square block game where you build) with the bright and vivid colours it is actually easy on the eye and compliments the world that unfolds before you

There are always pros and cons to games and solo: island of the heart is no exceptions the pros are that the box themed puzzles are quite fun to do and some are quite challenging as you need to use and move at the same time which is fun, the controls are simple and easily laid out and the questions will actually stop and make you think.

Solo: island of the heart

now the cons there is no 2 player I think if they added it where you and a spouse/partner could play it and match up questions it could be quite fun also there are no monsters to bop bash or kill along the way which was quite disappointing there is always war where there is love

My final thoughts on Solo: island of the heart would be that this game got me by surprise this is out of my normal genre and it managed to keep me intrigued and want to keep playing even without any death and destruction.

so with this being said, I would say it’s a great little puzzle adventure game and it’s going to get more of my time just wish there was something trying to stop me in my quest for the knowledge of love.

Overall score given is 6.5*