March 29, 2023

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Solstice Chronicles: MIA


Solstice Chronicles was first available on PC when it was first released back in 2017 by Ironward. They have now brought this top down sci-fi action shooter to the switch where you will find has many different mechanics, skills and weapons to take on the different challenges the red planet throws at you.

You play as Grunt (unless you choose to rename him) who is a corporate marine who has been left for dead behind enemy lines surrounded by horde of the colonists, well what’s left of them after they have been infected by the STROL virus. This virus has infected the planet earth and what remains of humanity has take to mars, naturally this has led to conflict as different factions have battled for territory in the race to fine cure for the STROL virus in order to take back the earth.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA

After a brief into you find your self-captured by one of the creatures and a friendly drone helps to free you and you begin you struggle to find your way out of the over run colony.  The controls are easy to get to grips with using the 2 sticks to move and aim as you run, the tutorial is built into the first few levels of the game and teaches you about the skills and mods you pick up for your drone as you progress so as not to overwhelm you with controls.

As you progress through story of Solstice chronicles you will visit the different areas of the colony and you will find all manor of weapons and loot left behind to help you fight you way along, as you upgrade the drone you unlock new abilities that it can use to lower your threat level and other ones which will get you supplies or bombs but be warned you need to manage your use of these modules carefully as the enemies spawned off the back of them will get hard to kill each use.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA

There are 4 choices of character class you can choose from at the start to suit how every you wish to  play the game and to favour you preferred style of gaming, the 4 to choose from are Assault, Demolition, Hellfire and Terminator each one will give you a overview before you choose so you can see what you are choosing. Along with multiple character choices you will find a massive array of upgradeable weapons to choose from to take on the infected hordes before you, I personally am a fan of the assault rifle and flamethrower combo you get with the Hellfire suit but that’s just my style of gaming.

Solstice chronicles: MIA has a decent sized story mode to it with 20 levels of chaos and action along with 4 bosses to take down and some very humorous interactions and entertaining cut scenes as you move through the game, along with this you can also choose to play a survival mode and take on wave after wave of enemies. One more thing that Solstice chronicles: MIA brings to the table is the 2 player local co-op as soon as I discovered this was an option I got my usual partner in crime for my recent reviews to give the game a go with me and see how well it holds up in co-op, well it does well the game was even more fun in 2 player mode and its even more hectic as friendly fire is on as I discovered when I threw a explosive barrel at my friend and killed her marine… I thought I was being helpful at the time but instead I just made a barbecue.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA

Solstice chronicles: MIA is released on the 7th Feb to switch gamers and good news upon checking out the price of the game which will be £13.69 normally there is apparently going to be a sale on for the first week it is out and you will be able to grab it with 10% discount for £12.32, so my advice is grab it in week one and grab a bargain!

8/10 – Great co-op and single player story with just the right amount of humour to go alone with the action.