March 30, 2023

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E3 has already given some big announcements this year and at 2am this morning it was Sony’s turn to step up and show the world what it has lined up for PlayStation in the coming years.
Gone was the ritz and glamour of a major presentation. In fact Sony this year more or less just pressed play on a video compilation and that was it. In terms of Style and delivervence, They really phoned it in this year.
Sony got proceedings underway with a bizarre choice of hosting the trailer and gameplay reveal of the last of us 2 in a tent that was similar to the one that the trailer took place in.
The graphics in both cutscene and gameplay looked absolutely stunning. Small motions such has flinching when a window gets shot through beside you is beautiful and puts The Last of Us 2 firmly at the top of the must-buy list.

What made absolutely no sense was going to all the trouble of creating the setting the same as the cutscene in the trailer to then go to a 20-minute break while the audience was moved to the main reveal stage.
Whilst the downtime panel show felt out of place and awkward it did reveal that Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is now available as a bonus PSplus game for PSplus members until 11 July. Which even if your not a Call of Duty fan you have to agree is a great deal for PSplus customers.
When we finally got to the main event stage and it felt like a massive middle finger up to E3. It is in no doubt that Sony is storming the market this generation of consoles and has a massive market share over Microsoft and Nintendo but in my humble opinion, there is no need whatsoever for Sony’s arrogance. Pride comes before a fall and Sony’s approach to E3 was nothing short of cocky.
Gone was the presentation, gone was the developers talking and the audience getting worked into a frenzy. Instead, someone pressed play on a highlight reel and that was it.
First up on the Highlight reel was Ghost of Tshushimi. The trailer starts strong with a beautiful cutscene that transitions seamlessly into gameplay and shows off a lot of exciting moves, badass samurai and hints at a deep and intriguing story.

The part of the trailer where the protagonist comes in through the roof of the building resonated echoes of Tenchu, Perhaps Ghost of Tshushimi is a spiritual successor to the PS1 classic.
Next up was a brand new IP from Sony with Control. Developers Remedy who made the highly rated Quantum Break and looks visually stunning and somewhat mind-bending. All I know of it at this moment in time is the trailer below so I can’t really so much more right now other than it certainly caught my attention.

The graphical power of the PS4 was certainly highlighted with the graphical standard of the trailers and the reveal for Resident Evil 2 Remaster was no different. If the game looks this trailer and plays like Resident Evil 4 then we are definitely in for a treat. The eagle-eyed amongst may also spot the original PS1 in the trailer too.

Coming straight from the tense and scary Resident Evil was an abrupt shift into the bizarre as we got the trailer for Trover Saves the Universe. From developer Squanch games which were set up by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, The trailer featured characters using Roland’s iconic voice of Morty of what was presumably Trover’s sidekick.
The game’s unconventional story is being written and voiced by Justin Roiland so expect a crazy, messed up time in this colourful and bright platformer. I am excited to see just exactly what this game is but the cynic in me is worried it is simply a case of phoning in the voice acting and cashing in on the Rick and Morty gravy train with an inferior product. But all we have is this trailer so maybe I should hold my jaded, pessimism in check and what for more information.

Then up next was the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. A game fans have waited so long for that I think every single conference had a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer at some point.

The difference with Sony’s trailer was that it confirmed the inclusion of Pirates of the Caribean and a lot more gameplay footage than other trailers seem to provide. Only Sony wasn’t happy with just that.
They also announced a limited edition Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 console and also that Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS4 will come bundled with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5, Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue as well as Kingdom Hearts 3!
Up next was the game most of us wanted to see and finally get to know more about, Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. We got cutscenes, we got Gameplay footage we got absolutely no answers to any of our questions whatsoever!

Is Death Stranding a hiking simulator? Was that a baby powered uterus battery that Norman Reedus was using? Knowing Kojima we will only have about 2 or 3 years to wait to find out just what the hell is going on.
The penultimate game of the showcase pulled a quick switch and bait on us. Teasing us with a Samurai being hunted down through the forest by demons before, in fact, turning into one himself and cutting short just before he opened up 7 shades of kickass on them.

What looked to be the next in the Ninja Gaiden series was, in fact, Nioh 2. A short but sweet teaser trailer to whet the appetite of fans.
Then finally the game everyone had been waiting to see more of Spiderman!

This trailer showed off so much. cutscenes, gameplay, chase scenes, combat and probably most importantly hinted at the fact that the big bad boss is not Mr Negative as we have been lead to believe but could, in fact, be the sinister six working for someone else!!!
This is without a doubt a must buy when it releases on September 7th and will easily be one of the biggest games of the year. Gamers cannot wait to devour every morsel of information we a get about Spiderman as it shapes up to be an amazing game.
And that is your lot! No presentation no goodbye, no thanks for coming. It was almost as if Sony really couldn’t be bothered. As if they saw E3 as a chore to be completed before GamesCon and the PlayStation Experience.
Yes I know the stage shows and pre-shows at E3 are cringe but Sony has always seemed to pull it off with professionalism and fun. The announcement of Call of Duty as a bonus PSplus game, The Kingdom Hearts bundle and Death Stranding should have been preceded by some stagecraft.
Even more bizarre than the lack of stage presence was that each trailer was interspersed with a tiny vignette for Dreams as if some big announcement was building up and then nothing, zip, nada.
Sony’s approach to E3 this year, whilst showing off some amazing games, did seem to be arrogant, cocky and may have just begun the death knoll of E3 by pointing out its growing insignificance in an age of digital news and leaks.
What do you think of Sony’s E3 showcase? Was it arrogant and disrespectful towards the convention? Is E3 becoming less relevant? What games are you looking forward to most from the showcase and what games were you hoping to see that are missing? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below.