April 1, 2023

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Space Hulk: Deathwing – PS4 Review


By Kerith Busby

I must admit this is a game I have been eagerly awaiting the release of on console as I am not really a pc gamer but I am a massive fan of the Warhammer universe both fantasy and 40k, this game is a first-person shooter where you are playing as one of the elite searchings which are the dark angels first company.
The Deathwing are the terminator section of the dark angels, the terminators are effectively walking armoured marines which are cable of welding a heavy weapon on one arm due to the power armour that they wear.
The game starts where a space hulk has appeared from the warp, space hulks are a block of derelict spaceships and rocks which have fused together and travel through the warp where they can become infested with Tyranids (namely Genestealers and their hybrid counterparts ) so when ever one of these hulks appear the forces of the emperor will clear and destroy them.

The single player is very story led and quite linear which is not a bad thing especially as it will help immerse you in the situation and gives you more understanding on how the Deathwing deal with these situations and how the marines have to deal with foes that are massively outnumbering them and are much more agile.
You will have the choice of how to arm your marine and how you wish to proceed in terms of combat style, as you progress more weapons and powers will become available to you giving you the freedom to really play your own way.
The controls are simple are The game offers a fairly easy to follow tutorial to get you into the action nice and easy, the game is a first-person squad-based shooter which you have a command wheel to control the actions that you wish your squad mates to complete such as healing or even smashing down doors or walls. The action can get a little full on when you’re in a firefight and are trying to direct the apothecary to heal yourself or a teammate. You can also back into turrets and door controls to block them behind you reducing the chances of someone or something following you through. This is a more tactical shooter rather than the fast reacting twitch shooter you tend to see, which is a nice change of pace.

The game itself looks very good visually and the sound effects and all the noises of the ship are very immersive, especially when in a noise-cancelling headset, the only thing I didn’t get chance to try so far is the multiplayer. I am looking forward to taking it to the hulk in co-op with squad mates to clear the ship.
The game is rich with story and will explain the more of the lore of the universe helping the casual players understand a more of what they are dealing with
Overall Score – 8/10