February 27, 2021

Streamer of the Month

Dark Jedi

Here at Stoffel Presents not only do we support indie developers but also small streamers too! Those dedicated and talented streamers that are giving it there all and getting no recognition. Well, we say, not anymore! 

Each month we will bring you the best small streamer we can find in the hope that you will not only enjoy their content but support them too!

This month we have the fantastic UKDARKJEDI

Streamer of the Month

When asked to introduce himself Dark Jedi had this to say:

I’m a 41-year-old streamer who has been a twitch affiliate for about a month now, so even though I’m kinda “new” to streaming, I’ve been gaming for well over 30 years now. I’m a die-hard techie, love everything to do with new hardware releases and old retro hardware too, and as my day job is in IT, I love tinkering, fixing and helping others as well.

You can find Dark Jedi live on Twitch every Tues and Fri  at 10 pm (UK time) where he plays “a mixture of strategy games, roguelikes, simulation games, Racing games and sometimes some Beat Saber cos who doesn’t enjoy watching an ancient gamer having a heart attack every now and then.”

Dark Jedi is immensely proud of his growing community where the main premise is fun, banter and like-minded gamers.

So make sure you head on over to https://twitch.tv/UKDarkJedi and tell him Stoffel sent ya.

You can also find Dark Jedi on Twitter (@UKDarkJedi) as well. So make sure you follow to keep up to date with everything that is happening on his streams. 

*If you would like to be considered for streamer of the month then get in touch via our contact page*

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