Streamer of the Week!


Welcome to the Kings Court! The one corner of the internet where the King himself chooses one royal subject from the kingdom of Twitch who he feels is worthy of praise and appreciation.

This week the loyal subject for you all to follow, subscribe and praise with love is...LightgunLozza

LightgunLozza is a young man in his 20’s from Surrey in the UK. He streams 7pm – 9pm (UK) 7 days a week and when asked to describe himself and his channel he had this to say:

“I enjoy any type of game but most of all I am very much an arcade fan. If I had to choose I’d say my favourite game was Super Hang On or Outrun. I’m very much an retro kinda gamer. “

“I stream for enjoyment and play any game I enjoy at that time, as I feel enjoyment should show through in your streams. “

So head on over to both Twitch and show Lightgunlozza some love…The King has Decreed it!