Streamer of the Week!


Welcome to the Kings Court! The one corner of the internet where the King himself chooses one royal subject from the kingdom of Twitch who he feels is worthy of praise and appreciation.

This week the loyal subject for you all to follow, subscribe and praise with love is…White1Zombie1


White1Zombie1 is a pizza factory worker from WI, USA

When asked to describe himself for the website he had the following to say about himself:

The community chest discord has helped me get in to the fun of gaming live, especially people like The King, Ed, and Gohan.

I am hoping to hit affiliate very soon and then focus on making partner.

I like to play Warframe due to the community and clan I am in and helping other people learn.

i also play Digimon for the solo story that i can just progress at my own pace.

I will also play pretty much any RPG presented to myself since it is nice to play games at my own pace.

|Y ou can catch White1Zombie1 streaming by following his schedule below:

Mon – 11am – 1pm
Tues 11pm – 1pm
Weds – 11am – 12pm
Thurs 9qm – 11am
Fri – 8am – 10am
Sat – 7am – 9am
Sun 7am – 9am

*all times are cst*

So head on over to Twitch to show White1Zombie1 some love…The King has Decreed it!