March 28, 2023

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Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 Review!!!

It's been a mind-blowing TWENTY-SIX YEARS since I picked up my Mega drive pad and played a brand new Streets of Rage Game! 26 years!
by Badger Nimahson

It’s been a mind-blowing TWENTY-SIX YEARS since I picked up my Mega drive pad and played a brand new Streets of Rage Game! 26 years!

How can a game series that has been an integral part of my identity as a gamer live up to the anticipation of 26 years?

I was 12, yes TWELVE the last time a brand new Streets of Rage title released. I honestly never thought we would see one again. The hype, the anticipation and the expectation that comes with a new release after 26 years is just impossible to fulfil. Right?

Streets of Rage 4

Upon starting Streets of Rage 4 the title screen invokes so many feelings of nostalgia and brings back numerous gaming memories that soon as the gritty music kicks in and the intro begins you are 100% on board. It sucks you in immediately.

The original music from the 90’s is there even that echoing ping as you start up the game. Streets of Rage 4 is our nostalgia polished up, bottled and sold back to us and I for one couldn’t be happier.


Any game series that has been away for a few years will undoubtedly get a graphical upgrade but been away for other 2 decades I was expecting a major shift. Streets of Rage 4 is graphically brand new but still the same if that makes sense.

The bold, colourful comic book style artwork looks amazing and manages to retain the identity of Streets of Rage perfectly.

The backdrop to each stage is full of detail and whilst maintaining the 2D style we have come to know and love the series for still immerses you into the city and deprivations.

All the old favourites are there. The fight through the streets, Battling in a bar and the obligatory elevator stage!

Streets of Rage 4


The best and most honest way I can sum up the gameplay in Streets of rage 4 is by quite simply saying This is Streets of Rage. Yes there are new moves added that use your health to perform but that health can then be replenished by wailing on enemies.

The combo’s are seamless, the controls feel just like they did 26 years ago yet somehow don’t feel outdated.

The cast of enemies is excellent. Any fan of the Streets of Rage franchise will instantly recognise a lot of the enemies you go up against as well as some new faces too.

Getting floored by a topless hipster who refuses to take his hands out of his pockets feels incredibly disrespectful and for some irrational reason fills me with anger. God I hate that little bandanna wearing prick!

Streets of Rage 4

Overall Thoughts

Streets of Rage 4 is perfect. I honestly went into this full of trepidation as I just couldn’t envisage any way that a game could overcome the hype and anticipation of a 26-year wait but DotEmu has done it and with style and class to spare!

Everything from the graphics, the gameplay, the soundtrack make Streets of Rage 4 brilliant. The fact the story is a continuation of the series rather than a reboot tied in with the fantastic unlockables (that I am not going to spoil here) make Streets of Rage the Perfect game for fans old and new alike.

Overall Score – 10/10