March 28, 2023

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Super magic cane ZERO – PS4 review


Review by Kerith Busby

Super magic cane ZERO is a joint venture between Italian comic artist Sio and the guys at Studio evil, Sio is the mastermind behind the storyline and characters in the game and they are interesting to say the least. The game is bright and its colourful and its absolutely nuts, there is no other way to explain it, but it is amazing fun and its hard to put down.

The game starts off with you being held in prison on the on the planet of WOTF and the escape from prison is the tutorial for the game teaching you the attacks and how the game functions, it goes through attacks, how to use your abilities which a person favourite of mine is killing people in a explosion of fiery bacon death (yes bacon death!). the game is nice and easy to get to grips with and the controls are simple to pick up and could be easily played by anyone, you will also learn if you can pick things up you can throw it at someone… or eat it which is another option.

Super magic cane ZERO

The game has a lot of focus on edibles and they come in all sizes and shapes, you can eat nearly anything on this game though bear in mind each thing you eat will have a effect on you in some way so it is trial and error to find out what they all do. So keep that in mind if you decide you want to eat a oil lamp to see what it does, the people of WOTF do have sensitive stomachs and can only handle 2 food types at a time otherwise you lose all your bonuses from the food type such as the added health from meat.

Super magic cane ZERO is a co-op game at heart you can see it form the work go, you can play the story mode solo but it is a game to get your mates round and have a blast in some couch co-op fun and when your done playing nice go beat them over the head in battle mode which is 2-4 players. As you start up the game you are given a choice of 4 characters to start as you would expect in a 4 player co-op such as the wizard (nice and normal class you would expect), the influencer, the plumber and the baker, you see how it goes from what you expect to what the hell fairly quickly there. The baker is my favourite who has a special ability of a fiery bacon explosion, but the other classes all have their own moves such as a heal ability from the wizard. There are more characters that you unlock (15+) as you go such as the detective that I found the other day while playing who looks like a giant eye on top of a trench coat, so they all have very distinctive looks.

Super magic cane ZERO

Super magic cane ZERO is a comedy action RPG with a top down view along the lines of diablo but with a bright comic like feel to it which reminds me somewhat of the art style of Alien Hominid for those of you old enough to have played it, the customisation of the character being effected by the items you equip such as armour but I am not sure you can call a pair of swim shorts armour by any means, hats, weapons and other such things like trinkets that will boost you starts in various areas. There are 100 character levels so you can keep levelling up as you play through with each level giving you another skill point that you can put in to one of the 7 ridiculous skill trees, these bad boys are named such things as astral origins/U.F.O and Candygensis/Dogmancy being just 2 of these skill lines gives you a idea of the things to come later in the game. They can boost stats or cause meteors to randomly drop or even let you peak through chocolate walls as your playing through the game, so the chaos and fun never needs to stop. As you would also expect as you bring more friends into the game and the team gets bigger the game will adapt and increase the level of enemies but will also drop you better loot for the struggle.

Super magic cane ZERO

So far, I have told you a lot about the game but at the same time not really covered much but there is so much to take in with this game and it will keep you laughing most of the way through, so I guess with that said I should try and explain what you actually are doing in Super magic cane ZERO.

After you escape prison you will head to Poptarts where you encounter a talking strawberry cake called Keiko Cako who asks for your help and sets you on a path exploring WOTF, WOTF is a home to magical and eccentric character on a scale that you have never before witnessed. As you progress you discover that the cake wizard is dead and his mighty magical dog AAAH! Is out of control so you need to do what you can to save the world and the dog-magic or is it cane-magic? You don’t know as they use the same word for both apparently so if someone works out which it is your working with or against please let me know in the comments and if I get there first, I will update you.

Super magic cane ZERO

After your first exploration of Poptarts you will find the 6 dogs/canes belonging to 6 wizards and they will tell you where you need to go to find and save the wizards as they have all gone to deal with different issues around WOFT, as you move between the different areas on the map you will encounter new and different bad guys but take note of what they are and how they work as if you’re not careful you might end up healing one your mate has been damaging… stupid lava people at the bakery how was I to know bacon fire wouldn’t hurt them! There is over 50 levels to the game and will give you and your friends hours of game time together or even give you lots of solo time, the loot is all random and you can find the same items with different boosts on it so there is a good mix of items and the weapons are all funny and unique too.

Super magic cane ZERO

Super magic cane ZERO is fun, its random and its hard to explain with out sounding like I’m babbling or that I am crazy, but you should play it, as soon as possible and make your friends play it. There is no sane reason why this game should be as good as it is as it sounds so crazy, but it is worth the investment and the time and its going to be available on a multitude of formats so loads of people have access to it.

I give Super magic cane ZERO 8/10, its addictive and crazy go play it!