May 30, 2023

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Super Street Review – Close But No Burnout



Super Street is a new racing game by developers Team 6 Studios and published by Lion Castle.  It is an arcade racing game that has many of the same gameplay elements as games like Burnout or Need For Speed: Underground.  The game offers a single player career mode as well as offline 2 player split-screen racing and 4 player online multiplayer.




Super Street looks quite literally like PS2 era Burnout games and Need For Speed: Underground.  This might well be intentional because the game seems to be quite clearly influenced by those titles.  Those games are beloved classics by many racing game fans, myself included, but for a £44.99 game in 2018 it looks very poor.  Especially in comparison to other full priced AAA racing games such as Forza Horizon 4 which launches in just over a week.


I say by comparison.  It’s still playable enough but really I’d rather play the likes of Burnout Revenge or Burnout Paradise.  Which I can do because both of those games are backwards compatible on Xbox One and considerably cheaper than Super Street.  Whilst I appreciate the effort to bring this sort of gameplay back in a new title.  I expect a good bit more from a near full price current gen title.  I might be a bit more forgiving if the gameplay was there but it’s not sadly.


Apart from the low quality car models and textures, the environments are just very bland and uninteresting.  Racing around boring looking streets that have no sense of awe and excitement to them.





So, not good.  The handling isn’t very good at all.  There’s barely any sense of speed and the cars are about as nimble as a shopping trolleys when sliding around corners.  When I say the game is LIKE Burnout and Need For Speed.  It’s like the bad clones of those games you used to get.  The ones that had a lot of the same features like racing other cars while at the same time avoiding traffic, building up your boost meter with death defying careless driving.  Before unleashing your boost for a huge burst of speed.


There is a damage model for the cars here with bits falling off if you hit cars and walls etc.  Bonnet flying off, doors and other parts of the body.  Again it looks very old and primitive like some older racing games used to have in their damage models.  But it’s fun in Super Street to be racing round with a car that looks fit for the scrap heap but somehow is still running.


The controls and handling are the main problem I have with the game though.  If it was fun and controlled well I might have been able to overlook the poor graphics.  It is very overpriced though at £44.99.  If they were to make a sequel that looked and played a lot better I’d suggest a price of around £19.99 would be better received and intice gamers to give the game a go.



Career & Other Game Modes


Super Street has a fairly standard career mode structure for a racing game.  You have different race series’s and winning races awards you with stars which unlock more races.  You also win money from races which you can use to customise your car’s appearance and performance parts.  Cars start out looking like old bangers and you have to buy all the parts to make them into something more fitting for racing with.  Which is a good enough structure and gameplay loop that would work well if the game was more fun to play.


Aside from Career are the usual array of game modes from 2 player split-screen, 4 player multiplayer and time trials.  Pretty standard fair which again would be fine, if uninspired, had the game been more fun to play.





Super Street is a decent enough idea in premise.  There is a lack of new games like Burnout and Need For Speed (when it was good) on current consoles.  But it looks poor with bland uninspired tracks, the cars control poorly and it isn’t very fun.  A bog standard career and other modes makes Super Street very much of a no frills experience as a whole package.  At £44.99 it is overpriced for what’s on offer when compared to great recent racing games like Forza Horizon 4 and Dirt 4.






Publisher: Lion Castle

Developer: Team 6 Studios

Platforms: Xbox One (reviewed), PS4, PC

Release Date: Out Now

RRP: £44.99