April 1, 2023

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Swap This

Swap This! – Nintendo Switch Review

Swap this is an aquatically themed puzzle game for the switch which is playable via the touch screen

Review by Kerith Busby

Swap this is an aquatically themed puzzle game for the switch which is playable via the touch screen or can be played on the big screen via the dock, it is bright and colourful and requires quick thinking and fast reaction in order to excel at this puzzle game.

It is similar in style to a lot of the mobile puzzle games that have appeared in recent years with the exception that you can swap the coloured fish for any other fish on screen it doesn’t have to be next to each other which gives the game a very different way of playing as you can create some crazy combos.

Also, the swap method is very different it doesn’t mean the game is easy, in fact, the modes you have to choose from vary and there are 4 to choose from. First up is minute match which speaks for its self. Second, we have wave mode where you need to achieve a certain score in the time to move on to the next round. The third mode is fish fight where you need to clear the fish as fast as possible to prevent the big fish from reaching you, if you drop enough fish on it fast enough you will kill it and move on to the next level. Lastly, there is the puzzle mode where you need to complete the challenges in as fewer moves as possible in order to achieve either gold, silver or bronze for the challenge.

Swap This

The more you play in the game you will start to unlock power ups which can help you eliminate large number of fish at once or give you extra time to help you get past levels all of which is massive bonus.

The game is easy to get into and very simple controls, I would strongly advise keeping to playing this in the handheld mode though as the controls for the tv where you use the joy cons like Wii remotes is slow and you will really struggle to clear the levels quick enough.

Swap This

It is something that I think everyone could enjoy with kids being able to enjoy the bright colourful puzzle aspect to the game where as adults will enjoy the fast paced speed you need for some of the puzzles and will want to see how far up that leader board they can achieve also for the current price of only 90p on the store it is well worth the money for a fun game to play

I would say 6/10 it is fun and a good value game but it is really very limited to the handheld mode and I think it should have been left as such