March 30, 2023

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Sword and fairy 6 – PS4 review


Review by PeetyPoos

Sword and shield 6

The legend of sword and fairy 6 is brought to us by our friends in Taiwan Softstar entertainment INC, this is the 8th game in the installment in the series, and the game is set 5 years after sword and fairy 5. It is a JRPG but comes from china. So, it turns out this game is a port of the pc version which was released 4 years ago now so I guess it’s time to see how well it has adapted.

The first time we load up the game we get a nice cinematic that starts up the story, but the translation seems to confuse you and sadly leaves you feeling that you have no idea what is going on. So, after the cinematic starts we get into the game play.

Sword and fairy 6

After we load into the game you can notice the frame rate starts to drop, becoming choppy and starts to become difficult to watch or try and concentrate on what your playing, once you get past the original introduction fight I thought it would be a good idea to read how to play the game with the help and tutorial cards. Ok, so that was a bad idea as the cards consist of text and more text and more text, I spent about 20 minutes reading the tutorial and reading the cards multiple time, I still don’t know how to play the game so I guess this is going to be some what of a learning curve.

Sword and Fairy as you would expect in any JRPG game, you spend most of your time exploring towns are dungeons. As you would expect yes in the towns you can pick up quests from NPC’s and go to shops and buy weapons and Armor to upgrade your characters which is kind of bread and butter in this style of games.

Sword and fairy 6

The Dungeons are straight forward where you follow the map, explore and loot some chests. When you encounter the enemies just approach them and press X to start the battle, the combat is easy enough to get to grips with which is lucky as I didn’t fancy reading another tutorial card 3 times over. You control one of characters and the AI takes control off the other one, you can give the AI basic commands in battle such as heal as well as set there play style such as play defensively and play aggressive etc. As you battle a bar fills when you cast your moves, your bar is cut into 5 section with a weaker move taking up 1 slot and a more powerful move taking up 3 slots.

After the dungeons you will be encountering a lot cut scenes, the frame rate doesn’t get any better in these scenes sadly and yet again the translations are a little mixed and leave a lot to be desired, but whatever happens in the scene you will be reading the subtitles so you can just about keep track.

Sword and fairy 6

So, over all the game seems to be a bit off a mess with the frame rate, and the language translations. To be honest I don’t think the graphics are that good either as it reminds me of an early ps3 title in terms of graphics. Because it’s a port I don’t know if it will be patch or be updated, but in this state its going a bad time for people that play it so I will keep my fingers crossed and eyes open in the hopes that these issues once identifies get resolved.

I give it a score of 4/10