May 30, 2023

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In this game you play as tako the little cute hexapus, you must help tako complete levels and challenge tako maybe look cute but can also be fiesty

Review By Jodie Anderson

A new puzzle game by Hexagoon and Delight studios.This game you have to help a cute little hexapus named tako escape the laboratory by taking on and completing each puzzle and challenge.

In this game you play as tako the little cute hexapus, you must help tako complete levels and challenges. The more levels you help tako complete the more difficult and challenging they get, you have to figure out which route/path to take to reach the blue button as that is where you need to get to complete the levels.

It’s not that easy though, once you completed a few levels you then have walls or objects in your way which you have to figure out a way around them so you can finish the level but that’s not all, while you’re playing this cute puzzle game it’s not straight forward.


You have to swipe your screen either left to see the higher bit of the puzzle or right to see the lower part of the puzzle, you have to do both to get tako to the blue button.

Android phone game, use your fingers on the screen. Tap where you would like to move to or swipe your finger across the screen to see either higher part or lower part of the puzzle, its really easy.

I actually really enjoyed playing Takoway, tako is really cute. I enjoyed the gameplay and the set out of the game. it’s one of those games when you’re slouched on the sofa, relaxing enjoy doing puzzles.


This game is funny, cute and gets your brain thinking to complete the puzzles.even after I have written this, I still play it when im at home or when having a break.

For people who love challenging games, I would recommend Takoway as a game for you! I do not have any cons or complains about this game however I am easily pleased when it comes to puzzle games.

Overall score given is 9/10