Tank Mechanic Simulator – Preview

by Richard Winstone

So firstly disclaimers out the way, I like the Mechanic Simulator games, my review on Car Mechanic Simulator 2019 was well very good, Just so you know the perspective I’m coming from this isn’t a review the game is still in development its just the current Demo and my thoughts on it.

So firstly you get to fix TANKS Freaking TANKS…… in the demo we have the German Tiger the Russian KV-1 and the American Sherman EZ8, from my World of Tanks and War Thunder days I’m fairly well acquainted with these beasts and couldn’t wait to jump right in and get started.

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The first contract that rolled into my workshop was a Sherman and very quickly I learned it’s not as I was expecting or hoping for, the mechanical side of diagnosing the issues with engine or gearbox, turrets jamming, nope nothing like that at all. Yes, you can pull the engine, it might have some parts missing, but its essentially at this stage anyways a 5 step process.

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Remove rust with the Rust removal tool on everything, sandblast everything with the sandblaster, order missing parts, paint with primer, paint the tank (and top off the fluids for it to run).

OK, you can then pick camo patterns and add decals to the tank but the Mechanic Part seams to be missing from the game currency which is such a shame, as fun as it was restoring the 5 tanks I have done up to the point of writing was fun, besides there being other tanks not in the demo in its current state I can’t see it offering much in the way of replayability. I do like the idea of going out with a shovel and a metal detector and finding a buried tank, in the excavation mode, much live the Car Mechanics Barn Find system.

There is a ray of hope though currently locked away in the Demo, a workbench for Creating and Fixing parts, some additional tools, and whilst you have it (but I haven’t found a use for it yet) a sledgehammer for breaking parts off as the tutorials state’s when you pick it up. I’m really hoping this is a core mechanic in the full game, and its more fabrication based.

There was a note as you went out into the yard, about finding scrap to make parts lets be honest here you cant go down to your local tank parts store and buy a muzzle brake for an EZ8, that would have to be crafted, so I still hold a lot of hope for this game despite the limited Demo, hopefully we will keep you posted nearer release.

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