March 28, 2023

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Tech Support: Error Unknown


Review by PeetyPoos

Tech support: Error unknown was developed by a small indie company called dragon slumber and produced by Iceberg interactive. It starts with you being employed as a tier 1 customer support for Quasar Telecommunications as you assist the general public with their problems, also known as tickets.

Tech support: Error unknown

Things I liked about Tech support: Error unknown, was easy to grasp and easy to start off playing. I thought the UI for the game was clean and crisp, it was cool the fact that they used real pictures for the customers. As for the tickets, there was wide arrange of things for you to deal with and have to think outside the box to complete your tickets. Some of the best things about the this game is some of the tickets that come though, if you have ever worked in customer support you would know what I’m talking about! Just some of the stupidity in the tickets crack me up, random spam emails and the random tickets people asking for money and hackers.

Tech support: Error unknown

Things I didn’t like much about Tech support: Error unknown and I don’t know if this was intentional but within the first few days a member of your family demands money to help your mother with her medication and hospital bills or she dies. From what I discover there is 3 ways to end the game depending on what path you want to take. I didn’t feel like the end i choose was worth my time investing over, however I would like to see a different path and see what happens so i will definitely be playing it through again.

Tech support: Error unknown

In terms of story there isn’t much to go on, more of a play it out simulator. But as the days progress you get told by your (Kamala) tech support Director you have to remember more things to check, more to things to process to make sure you don’t fail the ticket and Kamala doesn’t get mad at you, with these type of games there are upgrades to make your life easier at Quasar. some of these for example will auto show’s you there warranty, AND YOU CAN DOWNLOAD MORE RAM YES YOU HEARD ME MORE RAM!!! Oh, I cried for a full 10 minutes, when I seen this PC enthusiasts will love this.

I’ve been following this game since September ever since I saw the trailer as a major tech head this has always been a dream job of mine this game alone makes me want to change careers.

Can’t wait to see what the dev’s do with this game and how they update and keep this game alive, even with the dislikes i found it to be very good game.

SOLID 8.5/10