May 30, 2023

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Tetris effect Demo

Tetris Effect Demo – PSVR Preview

The Tetris Effect demo is available for this weekend only for PS4/PSVR gamers and you should definitely check the transendence experience out!

The Tetris Effect demo is available for this weekend only for PS4/PSVR gamers and you should definitely check it out! It is a wonderful transcendence experience that is an absolute joy to behold on PSVR.

It is hard to believe that a simple game like Tetris that has had so many iterations over the years can have something new added to it. I was intrigued to see just what VR could bring to the title. Would it put the Tetrominoes in 3 dimensions? Would it place the game board with depth and therefore multiple lines?

In fact it doesn’t do any of these. In the Tetris Effect Demo the game board and the Tetrominoes are kept the way that we know and love but instead the area around the game board is brought to life.  

Tetris effect Demo

What has traditionally been “dead space” around the game board is now full of movement and colour that is perfectly choreographed to a soundtrack that not only fits the game so well but in fact triggers and effects the players mood. 

The Tetris Effect demo only allows access to a small selection of the game modes. In fact, you can only play the first three levels of the journey mode, The online mode allows you to play marathon and mystery modes and that is all you get. 

There are a plethora of modes to be explored in both online and offline modes that unfortunately are locked out during the Tetris Effect Demo. While I am completely enamoured with the experience there just isn’t enough on offer in the Tetris Effect Demo to justify the £31.99 price tag.

Tetris effect Demo

Now I am not suggesting for a second that the Tetris Effect Demo should include the full game but by granting access to one or two more modes I believe it would have really have boosted sales. Instead the demo hints at a game full of content but doesn’t really show enough to allay doubts of repetition. 

For now, I am enjoying the online marathon mode and trying to climb the leaderboard in my country. But the cynic in me feels that whether there are 20 or 30 different modes it is still Tetris and just how much can do you with the formula and it not be repetitive?

Have you tried the Tetris Effect Demo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below