March 29, 2023

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Thanks for delivering after 2 years, Let me buy you lunch!

No mans sky, supported by a delusional fanbase

As the latest to join Stoffel Presents I love the creative freedom I am allowed which is why I can say the latest Go Fund afforded to Hello Games to say thank you is an utter joke and shows how naive we as gamers have become.

Go Fund me for Hello Games to include Billboard, Lunch and beer for the team

A Cam G. has recently set up a go fund me with a target of $1,750 and has already surpassed this target to $3,780. The funds are “to print and install a billboard in Guildford UK, within walking distance of the Hello Games LTD office. A portion of the funds will also be used to buy a case of beer and lunch for the team”. According to the website. Am I not the only one who finds this utterly bewildering?

No Mans Sky was Released in August 2016 by little a little studio called Hello Games which was founded by the now internet legendary Sean Murray…legendary for all the wrong reasons as he came out and lied consistently throughout his promo speeches and interviews discussing at length features that were never to be present whilst at the same time hyping the game to epic proportions. His audacity at lying puts Peter Molyneux to shame.

So now we are going to put a billboard up after they have finally made the game close to what was promised nearly 3 years ago TO SAY THANK YOU!?! At what point do you thank someone for delivering goods 2 years too late? let alone buy them lunch and beer? This is just another reason why the gaming industry is broken because the “community” backs developers like football teams and unquestionable loyalty. For 2 YEARS they paid their community with lies, broken promises on an almost AAA price tag. Now 2 years later and all is forgiven you have done an amazing job and not wasted anyone’s money or upset any person who purchased the game.

Community Problems….

In my opinion anyone who has donated to this is fucking delusional and just part of the problem within the gaming community and if you are reading this and thinking I am wrong then you are part of the problem as well, because lets be honest you will all piss and moan about Anthem, Fallout 76 when them games come good in a years time is it OK and are you just going to invite them round for tea and crumpets!?!

BIOWARE sat on their ass for 5 years but if Anthem comes good in 3 we will forgive all. Exactly! It’s bollocks give your thoughts on the developers who grind constantly to produce constant updates in 70+ hour weeks, the developers who go that much further and engage the public and stop being so fucking pathetic saying thank you for a game that was released with 15% of the content for 2 years.

Dont worry Bethesda, Give it 2 years we will forgive you. Contact me for your free holiday!

Don’t agree with me? Don’t like the article? Find me over at Stoffel presents discord where we can have it out in a 1 to 1 format or in live chat. While you find me there I am just going to invite Bethesda on a camping weekend to the peak district, because after all Fallout 76 may be a good game in 3 years and I need to say thank you.