March 29, 2023

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The Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII Rumours Continue Because Of…License Plates?

Let the speculation commence.

More Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII (as it’s apparently going to be called) rumours have surfaced after eagle eyed players of Black Ops 3’s new version of the Redwood map that Treyarch just released, Redwood Snow, spotted that the red truck near the cabin license plates have changed.

The front license plate now is 0123456 and the rear license plate now reads 2QR1496 rather than the original version of the map where both plates are 2SAM528.  Of course this is highly speculatory, but why would Treyarch change these license plates?
They are known to put little teases of their next game into the previous one right before a reveal for fans to figure out.  Like in Black Ops II they teased Black Ops III with 2 QR codes that revealed 2 cryptic videos.  Could that be what the 2QR part of the registration relates to?
1496 might mean either the full reveal of Black Ops IIII may be coming on 1 April this year or they might put the 2 QR codes into one of the maps for players to find revealing new information on that day.
That is also April Fool’s Day so who knows or maybe that’s part of the plan to have fans debating whether it’s real or not.  Maybe the 1996 relates to the settings, or one of them as Black Ops does like to jump around diffeeent time periods so multiple settings, timelines an protagonists are a possibility.  I have no idea what the 0123456 could be referring to.  Maybe we get another tease in 6 days?

1996 did have a lot of conflicts involving the US Military.  There were ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Africa to name a few.  Interestingly as well taking the 14 part of the license plate again only the other way round 4 January 1996 might point to photographs of TAW tapes and recordings being found labelled Operations & Espionage.  Which is very Black Ops if you ask me.  Unfortunately at the time of writing I couldn’t find any further information on the TAW or these tapes other than the excerpt pictured below where I sourced this information.

Another interesting titbit I picked up was that in January 1995 Robert Bauer, a CIA Officer, together with the Iraqi general planned an assassination attempt on Saddam Hussein which was compromised so US Officials called Robert Bauer and his team off leaving the Iraqi Forces to carry out the operation alone which lead to much of the backlash in 1996 culminating in Operation Desert Strike one of the biggest US offensives in September 1996.
Nothing to do with the 1992 Sega Megadrive/Genesis game of course but thought I’d throw this in here. Classic!
So perhaps the parts of the game set in the past are based around these conflicts in 1996 and the near future setting of 2020 which has been heavily rumoured as well for the more modern up to date setting that’s still “boots on the ground” like fans want.  It would fit in with the style of the Black Ops series to have two different timelines and jumping back and forth between them using past events to flesh out the narrative of things going on in the present (2020).