March 30, 2023

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World of Warships: Legends

The Germans are Coming!!!… To World of Warships: Legends

World of Warships: Legends continues into the summer with new and exciting content, from the introduction of the new German nations Fleet

by Badger Nimahson

World of Warships: Legends continues into the summer with new and exciting content, from the introduction of the new German nations Fleet to a serious Liberty Pack bundle, and exciting new changes implemented directly from player feedback. Players around the globe can get ready to test the waters with all-new content, available starting July 2nd.

Fans will feel the naval history in their hands while tactically managing some of Germany’s most famous cruisers, such as the Nürnberg and the Hipper, both of which heavily rely on their great gunnery and high HP values. Players will also have access to the Sonar consumable at higher tiers, as well as the chance to gain early access to German destroyers, such as the famed Leberecht Maass! Fans who visit the Premium shop will also find the battleship, Scharnhorst.


Additionally, players will be introduced to seven new German Commanders including Franz von Hipper, Reinhard Scheer, and Maximilian von Spee. These commanders play a crucial role in Legends, as not only do they represent a moment in history, but they enhance the ships in various ways, such as:

  • Improving their attack and defense capabilities
  • Boosting shells’ and torpedo performance
  • Focusing on maneuvering and surviving
  • Making consumables more effective and efficient

Commanders have unique characteristics within each class, and their backup skills allow you to take advantage of any ship you put them in charge of. Commanders can also be assigned to any ship of the same nation. Players can switch skills as many times as they wish without ever being penalized. This way, players are free to challenge themselves for the best outcome and sometimes unexpected results!


Players can expect other epic additions while at sea with this German Fleet, including early access to Destroyers in July, which will become fully accessible in August.

The fresh Search & Destroy! Campaign will offer players a set of challenges and in return reward them with many things including:

  • Various consumables
  • Deutschmarks, a special currency used for purchases in the Admiralty section of the store
  • Commander items and new national commander crates
  • One of the most iconic German ports to this day – Hamburg

Finally, Commendations will be making their debut in the game which will improve commanders’ arsenals with new skills, upgrading pre-existing ones, and taking your personnel to legendary ranks.

If a new fleet, harbor, and commanders weren’t exciting enough, prepare to voyage out to victory on July 4th with the all-new Liberty Pack! Commanders can claim their freedom with this epic bundle containing tons of supplies to help increase their in-game success including boosters, camouflage, and Premium Account time!

Introduced by popular demand is the all new service record! Now players will be able to check their detailed game stats and adjust their playstyle, or just gloat at their success. The update also encompasses modified map spawn configurations, designed to offer players more tactical choices when battles begin, as well as various improvements with graphics.

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