March 30, 2023

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The Joker set to fail as Stand- Up Comedian…


DC’s The Joker is set to try his hand at Stand-Up comedy… and is will fail drastically. Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese are currently developing a stand alone film surround the clown prince of crime… with Joaquin Phoenix set to take on the role. There are reports of Leonardo DiCaprio being considered for the role, due to DiCaprio’s past working with Martin Scorsese. The film is going to follow The Joker as a failed comedian… who turns to a life of crime to support his family.

The role of The Joker is one that’s going to take time to fill. In my opinion, Jared Leto didn’t fulfil the role, but I also feel he wasn’t given enough time to. According to Leto himself, a full films length of footage was filmed during Suicide Squad, with some unseen footage being released as time moves on. There is a sequel to Suicide Squad currently in development as well as a stand alone Joker and Harley Quinn film, currently being developed. In saying this, it is inevitable that the role of a lifetime is moving onto a new target, but will require something special to top the performance of Heath Ledger, who sadly passed away in 2008. Ledger went onto to win an Oscar for his performance, and I’m excited and nervous for the development of this captivating project.
Todd Phillips is set to be named as the director for this project, with Scorsese taking on a producers role. There is no telling that these two amazing talented professionals will be taking all the help and working together to create the best possible product. There are reports of the film containing snippets and parts of The Killing Joke, which has been made into a dark animation, receiving mixed reviews from a wide selection of critics.

I for one can’t wait to hear more about this film as it develops, and we at Stoffel Presents will be bringing it right to you. Please let us know what you think of this film…are you excited? are you nervous?and who do you feel should be considered for the role as The Joker?