The Legendary Yamato Sails into World of Warships: Legends

by Badger Nimahson

World of Warships: Legends captains have been screaming for the Yamato more or less since the games launch. Well now those cries have been answered.

December 30th sees the launch of the Giant of the Sea event which will give players the chance to sail the legendary Yamato for the first time.

Giant of the Sea Event

The Giant of the Sea event has 6 steps, 3 of them to collect credits, 3, 250, 000 in total and 3 more – to accumulate XP: 10K ships XP, 10K Commanders XP and 1000 Free XP. these missions will take anywhere between 25-50 missions to complete.

once you complete the missions then the Yamoto is yours to use…as long as you have a kite token that is.

Kite tokens are collected for daily logins, as well as for completing the Daily Boost missions. Additionally, you can grab up to 3 Kite tokens a day from the store, they cost 125 doubloons each. Please note, that you cannot collect more than 5 tokens a day, but you can spend any amount that you stockpile at whichever speed you choose.

While battling with or against the Yamato you will be doing the Overwhelming Power mission, which in turn awards the Sakura coins. Those can then be spent in the Admiralty for various goods. More info about Sakura coins and goods they can purchase will be unveiled in upcoming patchnotes.


Yamato is the first Legendary tier ship to be introduced to World of Warships:Legends. For balancing purposes this means that she replaces 3 other ships on the battlefield, making the following matchmaking situations possible:

  • 6 ships+ Yamato vs. 9 ships
  • 6 ships+ Yamato vs. 6 ships+ Yamato
  • 4 Yamatos vs. 4 Yamatos on particular maps (Epicenter mode included!)

The event will last until the next update on February 3, at which point the Yamato will leave your ports, to return later in the year and become a part of the ecosystem.

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