April 1, 2023

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The Spiderman Hype Train Has Literally Left The Station

Look Pete! Uncle Disney bought us a train! Choo choo!

One of 2018’s most anticipated releases Spiderman for the PS4 is due to launch in just a few more weeks on Friday 7 September 2018.  We gamers often talk about the “hype train” when talking about the hype for a much anticipated game realease and all the media and marketing surrounding it.
Well it seems Sony and Marvel have taken it in the literal sense and only gone an decked out an entire train in Manhattan with Spiderman marketing materials!


Commuters will even find a copy of The Daily Bugle, the fictional New York City newspaper from the Spider-verse, waiting for them to read on their journey.  The train has been painted red with massive pictures of Spider-man for the PS4 with trademark white spider symbol emblazoned on the sides as well as the game’s official logos.

The interior is red too complete with red seats and white Spiderman symbol on them.  Sony also released a new trailer today as well which you can watch below.