March 29, 2023

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Steel rats

The Steel Rats Collector’s Edition is Mental!!!

It isn't uncommon these days to get a statue with your collector's edition but how many of them are 9ft tall and weigh 1700lbs?

It isn’t uncommon these days to get a statue with your collector’s edition but how many of them are 9ft tall and weigh 1700lbs? Because that’s exactly what you get with this mental Steel Rats Collectors Edition!!

Steel Rats is due to launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on the 7th of November and to celebrate the launch Tate Multimedia have launched a special Steel Rats collectors edition.

Snappily called Steel Rats: Super Turbo Ultimate Wreck and Ride Collectors Edition. It is probably the craziest and yet most awesome thing we have ever seen.  It includes a 9ft tall Junkbot statue that is made out of 1700lbs of scrap metal that isn’t just a statue but has 5 working LCD screens too!

Also included in the Steel Rats Collectors Edition is a limited edition steel gas can, branded whiskey glasses, a limited edition metal pin, branded key leash, branded matches and a T-shirt.

Of course, something as unique as this Steel Rats collectors edition requires a unique sale. That’s why Tate Multimedia have put it up on Ebay in a charity auction.

With a starting bid of $5000, all money raised will go to four amazing charities across the globe. Special Effect, Make a Wish, Able Gamers and Gaming Aid.

So if you are in the market for a 9 foot tall, 1700lb robot and fancy helping out some amazing charities then head on over to the auction here and get bidding. You have until 1pm Thurs 8th Nov to get this mental yet unique collectors edition. 

If for some inexplainable reason you don’t want a 9ft tall junkbot then pre-orders for the Steel Rats Deluxe Edition are now live in Europe at the standard price of £15.99 and £13.59 for PlayStation Plus members. At launch the standard edition will be priced at £15.99and the Deluxe Edition will be priced at £18.99