The Writing Pool!


Here at Stoffel Presents our first and foremost priority is to bring you the latest reviews in written form. Whether they be the AAA games you have been waiting so long for or a wonderful Indie game you didn’t know existed…and yes some rubbish in between but at least the bad reviews are fun, right?

Now whilst we do have The Stream Team and most of them write reviews too, this part of our website is where you can meet those wonderful writers who work hard to bring you reviews every day.

We have excluded anyone who writes & streams from this page as you can meet them …here. also some of those pics are harrowing (looking at you Mullet) and shouldn’t be repeated anywhere. So without further ado please say hello to The Writing Pool!

Kieran Sutton

The Writing Pool

Dr Megafiend

The Great Doctor Megafiend (or Kieran, as I’m colloquially known) can usually be found diving deep into the darkest dungeons, leading mighty armies, or slaying the biggest beast I can find in any particular game. An avid gamer since the dark ages (before I had broadband) and huge fan of all things fantasy, role-playing, grand strategy or adventure.

When not thinking or writing about burgers or dragons it’s safe to assume I’m replaying Skyrim


The Writing Pool

Oh hey there, so I’m majorly a PC gamer now, moved over from console about a year ago, I’ll dabble if I do a review for a game, but PC is my jam.

I first got into gaming when my dad and me use to play mortal kombat when I was a wee ginger nipper, a lot off things changed now, when not at work you will often find me cracking MTG boosters or honing my woodworking skills. 
My favourite types off games are : simulation games, RTS, and interactive story games, 
Favourite games to date are: the whole c&c series, destiny, sims and heavy rain  

Bobby ” Biscuit Hipster” Davies

The Writing Pool

Bobby “Biscuit Hipster” Davies will find whatever alternate resource your game has and will break it. Frequently found clicking on heads with some sort of rifle, practising Smash Bros combos, or explaining why you should care about the latest 16-year-old Albanian wonderkid he’s found on Football Manager, Bobby is here to be overly analytical and go far too deep into a game. Like, using frame data to determine which guns are worth reload cancelling with a sprint in Modern Warfare 2. Yep.

In his spare time will be making Magic: the Gathering players miserable at Sensei’s Divining Talk, and devouring packets of Dark Chocolate Hobnobs, which are by far the best biscuit. No questions asked.