June 7, 2023

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Tied Together

Tied Together – Nintendo Switch Review


Review by Kerith Busby

 Tied Together is one of the most interesting games I have ever had the pleasure to be asked to review, I mean how often do you get a introduction saying about enjoying some bondage with friends!

It is a party puzzle game where 2-4 players are roped together and you need to utilise jumps, burrow in to the wall or floor and swinging each other around the level to unlock padlocks with keys or just traversing spikes and lava to get to the end of the level, or then again you could always just troll your friends and anchor yourself to the floor as they all try to jump that lava or knock someone off the edge onto spikes.

Tied Together

In Tied Together you are playing as 2-4 of the colourful and unique lab monsters depending how many of you are planning to help these little guys face the challenges of a bright and colourful world as they unknowingly take part, all because they silly scientists want to see if the can make it on there own…. Well roped together anyway. So take control of Taz – the ever happy guy, Izzy – when did Izzy see to much who knows but he wonders when it will end, Eppo – this little one loves butterfly’s and staring at his own eyes and just wondering about the world and finally Dapper – competitive but lazy, negative but always remains calm.

I started this up at home and realized I needed a friend to play with so rang a mate and we headed off to the pub and let the fun commence, before we knew it we had spent a good couple of hours laughing, joking, giving each other abuse and trying not to throw, drop or smack each other into lava or spikes.

Tied Together

The levels in Tied Together are short but are done on time trial to get different medals, the game play is simple to get into and there is no real need for a tutorial you can just pick up and play with friends, this is a fantastic party game which will give you hours on enjoyment and is great to play with friends. It has been a pleasure to play it and I can see how this game has won the awards it has, I would suggest you pick it up and get your mates round you won’t regret it.

9/10 – highlight of this is definitely trolling your friends at just the right moment that create something amazing as my mate discovered as I turned him in to a lab monster windmill 😂