June 7, 2023

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ToeJam and Earl: Back in the groove


Review by Peety Poos

The original ToeJam and earl first released in 1991 for the Sega genesis, so over 28 years ago and here we are with a brand-new remake, thanks to a $500,000 kick starter campaign.

so the back story as ToeJam and Earl out for a ride ToeJam and Earl are out for a joyride with their friends Latisha and Lewanda when they accidentally destroy the planet Earth with a black hole generator, which ends up turning our planet into a series off flat landmasses, to get these legendary hero’s home we need to find parts off our spaceship.

Toejam and Earl

To make your job harder there is a massive range off enemies everything to a crazed dentist to a Segway guard, only a American would use this am I right??. As we progress though the game and go though level these crazed earth people get stronger so you need to start to be cautious and start planning where to go.

So presents are still in the game, just to make you feel like a kid at Christmas, hoarding is a must when playing though the game my inventory was full 90% off the time, in these presents they can contain power ups or maybe be a hindrance, some off the presents contain things like slingshots so I can throw tomatoes at earthlings to make they POP, or some rocket skates to roll around the level booping people around.

Toejam and Earl

So, the Devs at HumaNature studios have implemented a stat based system, so depending on what character you pick they all have different stats, and special perks, every time you level up you randomly gain 3 stats.

Toejam and Earl

Personally the only thing I can think to struggle with game is probably will be tedious collecting spaceship parts level after level, but with the different characters you can play as, and the big variety off presents can make it fun and repayable, I didn’t get to play co-op, but I can see this game would be fun with your mates.

Even though the game isn’t that long I managed to finish it in a few hours, but I loved exploring every nook and cranny, it felt like completed a journey in a flash back to 1991, not a game, I cant wait to start playing this is my friends, and spend hours playing all the characters, and see how they differ.

Toejam and Earl

overall, I loved playing this it’s a good mix off nostalgia, and modern polished, can’t wait to play it again so it give it a 7.5/10