March 30, 2023

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Tracks – The train set game


So, Tracks – The train set game has been developed by Whoop games and Produced by Excalibur games it is a game where you are literally playing with wooden trains. The game originally was released back in September 2017 but I have recently started talking with them about hoping to review a upcoming title and they kindly offered a range of there back catalogue to review.

I know what you are thinking, how can playing with digital wooden trains on a digital wooden train set be fun. To be fair it is what I was thinking as Installed the game. When you start the game up it takes you through the tutorial of the game, so you know what you are doing, how to build the tracks, the scenery and how to move you train.

Tracks - the train set game

The game its self has a simple premise you build a train set (sometimes spanning massive rooms) you can build up and up and up giving your self a massive run of tracks of all styles. After you have got comfortable with the mechanics of the game and how to build the tracks, place all the buildings and even passengers around the build area is when you can really start to have some fun. I started messing around with crazy lay outs and naturally I wanted to know what happened when the train came off the tracks etc like you would, I then started building odd and crazy designed tracks just to see what I could make and before you know it you are making jumps for the trains and all sorts of other crazy ideas. I even took to youtube to see how crazy other people for with there designs and what I found left me feeling like I have only just scratched the surface of the game.

Tracks - the train set game

The game looks good and there is a lot of detail in the game where you can adjust the appearance of the trains and there is so many options for buildings, people, trees and track that you can put into the game you could be there for days building away. Then when your all done you can jump in your train and ride around you new build world and enjoy the sights from the train cab.

This was a odd game for me to review because I will be honest it is not something I would have ever actually gone and picked up but having had the chance to play it I have found it is actually really fun, I would say it get repetitive but the game is only going to be held back by the players imagination for crazy building or maybe detailed building depending on the type of gamer.

Overall a 6/10 it’s a fun and light-hearted game and the music is quite chilled but its not really a game for me but will bring a lot f people hours of fun.