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Tropico 6 is a political strategy game that puts you in control of a tropical island and asks you to maintain power by any means necessary. Be that assassinations, bribes, rigged elections nothing is off-limits.

As much as I love a great simulation game, this one was a little harder than normal on missions, won’t lie to you it took me over 8 attempts to get steady civilization that was working steady to carry on to next mission.

The missions are tough if you want a little more laid back approach. Sandbox is where you need to be, less pressure on political aspects but still some and on a funny scale.

Tropico 6
Tropico 6

The main goal of Tropico 6 is to remain in power and you do so via elections. Hell yeah to me, my first election I won 54% to 46%..phew close call second election 68% to 32% yes! Next one 76% to 24% and my latest one 91% to 9%. See I should be running our country!

I love the fact you get to give your speech to your islanders and sound so inspiring, by the way, if you say you’re going to do something in your speech and you don’t deliver expect a backlash on your votes at the next election. It’s politics for you and I like to give the people what they want. Also, be warned on natural disasters, who doesn’t love a good meteor shower destroying a good few buildings.

Learning to get the balance of teamsters, happiness, faith, your allies and even the broker (he lets you buy blueprints cheaper, money, also bring factions points up from your swiss account) also the great feature of sending the pirates out to grab you some booty too (quick tip rescuing educated helps too). That’s just a couple of bits too it, forgot to mention tourists too for the extra income as well.

Tropico 6
Tropico 6

For anyone that has played the previous Tropico titles the most obvious change in Tropico 6 is that the island is now 3 islands. When you first start you can only access them by teamsters ports. Once you get further in you can build bridges over and also tunnels which are pretty awesome. When you first get onto the other islands you will mine the hell out of them and use up all the resources. So keep your eye on unemployment.

There’s loads of screen flicking to do in Tropico 6, as I’ve played before I know where to look, if you are new to this type of simulation game it may be a little tricky to pick up but the Tropico games are usually PC based and I think the cross over to console has been done incredibly well.

Tropico 6 is the type of game if you have the balance that your city is running smoothly and you want to make a brew you can (I’m actually doing this review whilst watching my city prosper and I’ve also just made a brew too)

Tropico 6
Tropico 6

Visually the game is beautiful, the concept artist deserves some praise for it if you play Tropico 6 (and I recommend you do ) you would be amazed at the immense beauty of the graphics.

I absolutely adore Tropico 6 and would highly recommend it to anyone but you will need some patience with this game. It may take a good few attempts to get it right but it’s worth it once you get further in the game and civilization becomes advance.

There are four eras to get through, the Colonial era, next is World War, then the Cold War and obviously the Modern era. It’s doable but just takes time and after hearing the Caribbean upbeat salsa style music for a good few hours you’ll be ready to start dancing or turning the volume down.

Tropico 6 gets a solid 7/10 from me.

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