March 30, 2023

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V.O.I.D – Nintendo switch


V.O.I.D or virtual overpowered intelligent droid which is what it stands for (think I will stick to the abbreviation) is a new game for the switch which has been published and developed by JanduSoft. It is a side scrolling arcade platformer in the 8- and 16-bit style games that a lot of us grew up with and loved as kids, but along side that they have added some more modern mechanics to the game and the option of 2 characters.

You can choose to play as Alpha the fast, triple jumping agile character that has no shield at which point the levels you encounter will be more focused on jumping skills and the need to dodge enemies rather than tackle them head on. The seconds character is Omega he is slower, has a double jump but carries a blaster and has a shield so can take a bit more damage than Alpha.


In V.O.I.D the human race has started to evolve in a sense to a race called PLOIDS which is done by the merging of human DNA and Technology, our planet is invaded by a race from another galaxy which is after destroying everything it can get its hands on.

After some time a group of PLOIDS decides it is time to take action again the invading race and return peace, to achieve this Alpha and Omega must travel through time visiting many different eras including feudal japan, the ice age and even Atlantis just to name a few in order to collect the sacred stones which will give them the power to stop the invaders. As you travel though these different time periods you will encounter different styles of enemies and some of the levels due to weather conditions or location may affect your abilities and stop them working but that is something for you to find out and tackle as you progress through the game.


V.O.I.D offers you 2 characters to play as with their different abilities does mean the game will give you a slightly different set of levels as you progress to make it challenging and suited for the style you wish to play but I have found they are not massively different from each other in playing them, but there are some notable differences just I’m not sure if there is enough to give it a lot of replay value if I am honest but then again these is around 50 levels and a old school password system so you could just jump back to the levels you loved.


The game is easy to get to grips with and the first few levels characters in the game will give you hints and tips as you progress to ensure you know what your doing but there only controls you will need are movement and the Y & B buttons so it is simple to get to get the hang of.

Overall, I give the game a 7/10 it is fun and simple but challenging and it is a steal at less than £5 but I don’t think it is something I would go back to after completion, but for that small amount of money for such a fun game its worth it.