March 29, 2023

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Verlet swing – Xbox One review


Review by Leemo

From a relatively unknown developer “Flamebait”, multiple mini phone and pc games comes this; “Verlet Swing”.

A short and easy to understand tutorial will introduce to the world of “Verlet Swing”.

Set over 5 worlds and 100 levels, Verlet Swing brings a Spiderman feel to a simple yet incredibly frustrating indie game. From a 1st person perspective you take on the role of an unknown, line-shooting daredevil. The game ranges from incredibly easy to rage inducing difficulties. You will die (a lot).

The concept is simple: you have swing from luminous balls to get from A-B and hit the goal. The levels increase in complexity and design meaning you’ll rarely see the same thing twice.

Whilst swinging between blocks and trees you’ll also see slices of pizza, life saver rings and many bizarre and strange set pieces. However, with all these different things going on you won’t really care as getting to the end in the fastest time possible will become an obsession.

Some games aren’t huge, some are quite small and that’s ok

When I first got on it, I wasn’t sure what to expect a very small download of around 1.3 gigs meant to me that it was tiny. So yes, whilst Verlet Swing essentially is tiny it is the exception that breaks the rule in my book. I have spent more time on it than I thought I would have. It’s so very easy to just jump in and try to beat a previously set high score or try to get a slightly faster time.

Verlet swing

Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? Having fun?

If you are anything like me then you will jump in and think to yourself, “I’ll be ok I’m a god darn gaming genius I can get through this in no time flat”. Well have I got news for you, turns out that I am not a savant at these things, and I don’t have cat like reflexes and I sure as heck don’t have the coordination of a tom-tom. However, play this long enough and I will, and so can you. Verlet Swing trains you to be better think of it as an exercise of the brain to encourage you to take your time and better yourself. Eventually you will start playing cautiously knowing that you will fail a few times, but you’ll be ok with that, you will get through each and every level and you will complete it. Towards the end of the game you’ll probably do what I’ve done and started going through it again trying my utmost to get a perfect time. If you look on the leader boards there are some crazy fast times and whilst I doubt, I’ll ever get to that point it’s still fun to try, and isn’t that what it’s all about? Having fun? 

Verlet swing

Dying on the same map 50 times nets you an achievement. I found this out on purpose…

In the first few moments of playing Verlet Swing I was getting super annoyed by how simple it looked yet so incredibly frustratingly difficult it was, but after a good few hours and many, many failures I can proudly say that I still absolutely suck at this game. I’m ok with that though. I have enjoyed my time with it and i will be back on it in no time all in all it’s actually a great game it hits the nail on the head.

Whilst I do say that it’s a great game it’s not ground-breaking and I doubt it will win any awards and we’ll all forget about in a few months. That isn’t an issue though. Like I said before Flamebait is a new studio and if they keep creating little gems like this then were all in for a treat.

On Xbox you’re looking at £12.49 same on ps4 on switch it’s £10.79 on steam you can pick it up at the low, low price of £5.69.

So, onto pros and cons. Pros: Verlet swing is simple, fun and easy to get a grip with hard to master.

And the cons at just under 13 quid it’s a little pricey but not terrible considering the time to cost element, but the biggest problem for me is there isn’t a ps4 VR version.

Score wise I’m happy to give Verlet Swing a good 8.5/10 

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