May 30, 2023

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War tech fighters – Xbox one review


Review by Jonny Simpson

Imagine Gun-dam and Transformers  had a baby launched it into Space to battle forces of evil and save the galaxy you get W.T.F (War tech fighters), it has been developed by Drakkar Dev and published by Blowfish studios it will be available on Xbox one, PS4 and Switch.

W.T.F is a high octane 3rd person sci fi shoot’em up with a very retro vibe. You play as a Mech pilot named Nathan blasted into a chaotic war zone to destroy your rival faction. I would delve into the detail of its story line however there isn’t much of one of one to discuss, it is simply a matter of save the galaxy from impending doom.

War tech fighters

Although there is a disappointing amount of voice acting in the game, I believe that the game play more than makes up for this. The controls are extremely refreshing and feel natural allowing you, the player to get on with the job hand.

There are a few different types of missions to complete such as retrieving lost artefacts, rescuing comrades from enemy attacks and taking down zatronian ships, whilst battling against rival ships you have a number of long-range weapons such as machine guns, Lasers and missiles.

Wart tech fighters

As you weaken your enemies’ defences you get the ability to use a close combat melee attack of which is supported by an awesome cut scene. As well as executing your enemy in such a hardcore manner you do manage to regain some of your stamina and health in order continue with your mission.

There are also 1V1 mech battles which are nothing short of amazing with perfectly executed sword and shield combat.

War tech fighters

Although W.T.F is not the most visually captivating game on the market it does have a pretty cool rock soundtrack that gives the game some added personality and sets a much more of an atmosphere for the gamer whilst they kick some intergalactic a**.

To add even more personality to your Mech you can use the on board customisation system which offers a variation of colours and vinyl patterns which can be applied to your Mech literally head to toe giving it your own unique touch, Upon completion of missions you gain in game currency which can be used to upgrade your shields and weaponry which is extremely vital to your survival the further you venture into the game.

War tech fighters


In summary I would say that W.T.F is an incredibly fun, Fast paced and easy to control game that offers a lot of instant pick up and play satisfaction, However if you are looking for something with more substance and story line this may not be the game for you.

SCORE 7/10