April 1, 2023

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Warface Review – The Most Offensive Micro-transactions Ever



Warfarce is a new first person online co-operative and competitive shooter developed by Crytek…you know what I can’t even be bothered to finish this introduction.  It’s published by My.com a mobile game publisher.  This game is just offensive and it sickens me that Crytek is making this rubbish when they could be making something worthwhile like Ryse 2.

Warfarce could be a decent shooter if it didn’t have the difficulty ramped right up to stupid degrees to force people into paying to play the game.  That’s right, they say this is free to play. It’s not.  It’s free to start but very soon, in fact not even that long after pressing start the game all but demands money from you in order to stand half a chance of getting anywhere with it.

Anyway let’s get into the review.  Although you can probably tell where this is going so if you want to scroll to the bottom and see the score I don’t blame you.  My.com haven’t bothered to consider us the players of their game so why should you be bothered enough to read my review.  Or indeed me taking the time to write it but I feel like these things have to be said so please indulge me.




Graphics, Music & Sound

The graphics in Warfarce are really good.  Not amazing by any means but pretty decent.  Not up to AAA standards like Call Of Duty or Battlefield.  More akin to a City Interactive game like Sniper: Ghost Warrior or Terrorist Takedown.  Terrorsist Takedown 2 is the game I thought about while playing.  I’m going back a bit as Terrorist Takedown 2 came out some 10 years ago but Warfarce looks and plays a lot like that albeit a more modern looking version of it.

Music, um I think there’s some menu music and there might have been background music I can’t really remember but it faded into the background which is why I didn’t really notice it.  Music isn’t really important in this game but the fact that it’s not awful and isn’t intrusive is kind of the point here so good job on that at least Crytek.

Sound effects?  Um yes they were fine.  The pew pew all sounded ok and satisfying enough.  Not much else I can say really.  Sound effects did their job solidly enough.





Ok here is where we get to the heart of the matter.  Why Warfarce is definitively the most offensive and disgusting video game I have ever had the misfortune of playing.  Quite possibly the worst game I have ever had the misfortune of playing as well.  The reason? Micro-transactions.  Micro-transactions to the nth degree.  It’s like what would happen if the big publishers completely ran out of fucks to give.

Okay I will try and start positively because Warfarce is a good game screaming to get out of this micro-transaction, cash grab hell hole it’s stuck in.  The gameplay in Warfarce is actually very good it just has the difficulty turned all the way to 11 to force players into purchasing micro-transactions.  Every gun, armour and grenades in the game apart from the pitiful ones you start with are locked behind a paywall.  Literally.

Sure you will earn in game dollars at a pitifully slow rate from doing the missions.  But this will only allow you to rent better guns and equipment.  Seriously in game currency only lets you rent them for a day or a week.  To purchase them permanently you need K Credits, which have to be bought with real money.  Worse still the best guns you can’t even buy with K bux only rent them for a day or a week.  You have to pay real cash money to rent a flipping gun in a video game! Jeez Louise!

You will only be able to complete the first couple of levels before the starting guns and armour just won’t cut it and you will have to spend real money to buy better ones.  The prices are absolute lunacy as well.  A good gun costs about 1500 K bux which you can buy for £12…£12 and you might not even get to keep it as it might be a special gun available only to rent for a flipping day or a week!  The biggest K credit pack you can buy costs £65 and that’ll buy/rent about 10 guns or something if you’re lucky.

For the purpose of this review I was sent a Collector’s Edition pack from My.com, so thank you for that My.com.  That pack costs £52.49.  It consists of a gold gun for each class of which there are 4 classes.  Each class gets a gold pistol, a gold knife and a paragon outfit which is cosmetic.  It didn’t even include armour but that’s ok because my £52.49 pack also gave me 1500 K bux so I can rent some armour for a week wahey!





Warfarce is frankly the most offensive and disgusting video game I have ever played.  It’s a sickening cash grab forcing players to spend money for everything in the game.  When you have to spend money constantly to unlock new guns and armour in the game it defeats the purpose of playing the game to begin with.

To try and include a little bit of positivity it is a decent shooter.  Good graphics and gunplay it’s just buried under this disgusting, snivelling , greedy business model.  It is the epitome of the whole micro-transactions mess and my deepest fears when mobile game practices started creeping their way onto home consoles come to reality.  Avoid this like the plague but I would encourage gamers to go to the forums or the store pages and rate this game down to let publishers like My.com know we just won’t stand for this shit.  Because that’s what Warfarce is.  It’s a complete pile of shit.





Publisher: My.com

Developer: Crytek

Platforms: Xbox One (reviewed), PS4 & PC

Release Date: Xbox One: 9/10/18, PS4 & PC: Out Now

RRP: Free To Play