March 30, 2023

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Warhammer Quest – Switch review


So, who remembers Warhammer quest? Unless you were born in the 80’s or late 70’s chances are you won’t, but regard less I shall carry on. It was a board game where you (usually depending if you had friends) would have a party of 4 players dungeon crawling and fighting all manner of enemies as you go to complete a quest for treasure or saving someone, Yes kind of like D&D before someone comments. Well if like me you are old enough to have played this then you will be happy to know its now in the switch and other formats but I’m talking about the switch version here, it has been developed by Rodeo Games and produced by Chilled mouse and I must say they have done a great job.

Warhammer quest

In Warhammer Quest you start off with your generic band of 4 hero’s as you work through the tutorial which are a marauder, dwarf iron breaker, a grey wizard and a elven way watcher, the tutorial is easy to get to grips with and it talks you through the controls so its easy to understand as there are lots of different bits of equipment and items you pick up there can be a lot to manage at times so it’s very helpful. Warhammer Quest is a turn-based dungeon crawler that you need to use tactics to play through them, you need to manage your melee classes with the support of ranged or magic uses to make sure the whole war band can survive and grow.

Warhammer quest

In total there are 11 different character classes to chose between as you can only have 4 active at anyone time but you can change them out in between missions to make sure you level them all up if you wish or to tailor your war band such as the witch hunter against the undead. Each character had class specific items, weapons and Armour you pick up as you move through the game whether you buy it or loot it but there is usually plenty to choose from especially with the scrolls etc you can find they are very helpful.

Warhammer quest

Within Warhammer quest there are multiple loot quests you can do as well as almost story or main quests, there are an unlimited number of side quests I think but there is a total of 31 main quests split over 3 regions which are Stirland, Reikland and Averland. Each quest will reward you with a item of some form to help you along with your travels as well as each time you unlock a new city you are given a new main quest and sometimes you have to make decisions which will affect how the game progresses, like when I annoyed a particularly angry goblin and the town wouldn’t trade with me after that… that was annoying as I needed to buy things!

Warhammer quest

As you would expect with a dungeon crawler the character level up as you go, as they do, they acquire new skills, abilities and their stats increase. Each character will level up in its own unique way according to there class and it is done for you which I get makes the game more universal, but I would have liked to be able to make it a bit more tailored myself.

Warhammer quest

Overall, I am very impressed with the game though, it looks good and plays smoothly. Also, I will add highly addictive as I have hardly put it down since I go tit and have lost count how many times I have charged my switch this week now, the only reason I put it down to write up the review Is because it has been distracting me from my other duties and I have games backing up now.

I give Warhammer Quest a score of 8/10 a must buy for any dungeon crawling fan