January 31, 2023

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Updated: Watch Inside Xbox On Demand Here

Will there be any surprise announcements?

*I’ve updated this article with the on demand video of Inside Xbox which you can watch below:

Original Article:
Inside Xbox had returned to our screens and the new series premieres tonight at 8pm GMT/12pm PST/3pm EST.  I am curious what might be announced during the show.  The show is being broadcast monthly and with Major Nelson already covering the weekly news with This Week On Xbox, I’m hoping on some more surprises in the new Inside Xbox show tonight.  Maybe some more details on what to expect in the full game of Sea Of Thieves?  Some more details on State Of Decay 2?  Crackdown 3 release date?  Watch it live right here: twitch.tv/bigangrydad82 and let me know in the comments what you are hoping to see.