March 30, 2023

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Wavey the Rocket

Wavey The Rocket – Review

Wavey the Rocket transports you back to the late 80’s, early 90’s in this side swiping aesthetically pleasing, (but rage-inducing) fun game.
by Ed Gray

Wavey the Rocket transports you back to the late 80’s, early 90’s in this side swiping aesthetically pleasing, (but rage-inducing) fun game.

With the graphics and soundtrack being something, you would expect to come across 30 years ago, you guide Wavey who is, you guessed it, a rocket on his way to save the moon from an evil corporation.

Although this is on PC, you can control Wavey by either mouse and keyboard or by controller, so you can use whatever is more comfortable for you. Developed and published by Upperroom Games, you are able to buy Wavey the Rocket on Steam for just £14.99!

My first impressions on starting up Wavey the Rocket was, “What the hell is this?!” in a good way of course! I was excited to get playing and see what it was all about and also what it was going to bring. Little did I know it was going to bring blood, sweat, tears, anger, laughs and gritted teeth!

Wavey the Rocket

When you begin, you are met with an opening scene which reminded me of being in a bowling alley and watching the scoreboards, with the type of graphics I came across.

Moving on into the actual gameplay, the loading screens tell you the controls as you are thrown headfirst into the deep end to save the moon against an evil corporation, but the first level does give you a mini-tutorial.

The controls are pretty simple to remember but your fingers and brain don’t want to work together whilst playing Wavey the Rocket! The first few levels lead you into a false hope, you breeze through thinking “Oh it’s not going to be that bad, I’ve got this, no problem!” THEN YOU REACH THE THIRD LEVEL!

On the third level, I got 59 deaths…I mean I’m sure it wasn’t aimed to get that many, and if there is a trophy or achievement for it, I will come and claim it now, I even got 69 deaths in another level. I wasn’t trying to get the highest amount of deaths, honest…you just really have to be on the ball for this game, one small distraction and you’re dead. Self-memo…Don’t stream the game, especially when one of the dev team comes in to watch! Although, for the viewers, watching me rage and die constantly was rather hilarious.

Wavey the Rocket

There are mini-games also within Wavey the Rocket where you can release your anger and stress, or add to it…depending on how badly you perform. One I got was Shoot the Hoop, which I thought would be very easy…boy was I wrong, it took me 50 seconds to get my first hoop-you only get 60 seconds per game.

I also came across what felt like boss levels where I had to beat someone to the end, the first one was a train which very cleverly had evil(squared) written on the side.

Swiftly moving onto the soundtrack, which I found out was written and performed all by one guy! How amazing?! He did a brilliant job, as it relaxes you and distracts you from Wavey the Rocket. It has a very early 90’s hip-hop and rap, rock sound to it. A few times I expected someone to start rapping over the top, like Snoop Dogg or similar.

My overall thoughts on Wavey the Rocket are, I love that I hate it and I hate that I love it. It is your bog-standard love-hate relationship. It was really well put together for a team of 4. They have thought about everything. Whether their intention is to give someone a heart attack mid-game or not, I don’t know. I definitely had a headache afterwards.

Wavey the Rocket

For the first 72 hours that Wavey the Rocket was released, every hour it was streamed, £2 was donated to War Child. Which is amazing from the dev team. ​

I feel that Wavey the Rocket deserves a 7.6/10. Good graphics, great soundtrack, rage-inducing, stroke-managing, anger-management needing game.