March 27, 2023

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Will Shadow Make Desktop PC’s Obsolete?


Whilst at EGX 2018 I not only managed to check out dozen’s of amazing games but also plenty of emerging technology. Without a doubt, Shadow stole the show and completely blew my mind. A full-featured Windows 10 PC that can be streamed to any internet enabled device.

Yep, that’s right, Shadow means the smartphone in your pocket is now a full-on gaming rig!!!  This isn’t hyperbole: during the demonstration at EGX 2018, I was playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider on a 4-year-old Samsung smartphone, as well as Rocket league on a tablet using Xbox controllers connected via Bluetooth.


Shadow’s Features

Shadow is a full-featured Windows 10 PC. Do you want to use it as a gaming rig? go ahead!  Shadow can also be used as a fully functioning PC. You can install software to it just as you would a desktop PC meaning you can log into your work PC from your mobile phone. Need that Excel spreadsheet, log into Shadow and its there.

Shadow completely removes the need for a desktop PC at all. Even to the point that during the demonstration we were shown a laptop bought from a certain high street retailer. The Shadow PR team simply walked into the store and asked for the worst laptop they had and came out with a £100 netbook. Which we were shown playing Assasins Creed on highest settings via Shadow.

Connecting to Shadow is simple too. According to the team we spoke to Shadow only requires an internet connection of 15mbps. Once connected to Shadow you will then receive a staggering 1gbps down.  Meaning there is no input lag or buffering whatsoever.


Shadow Experience

Getting hands-on with Shadow blew my mind. We have come to take streaming services like Netflix for granted as we have used them for years. There is no doubt that cloud computing is the future of our technologically advancing world. What really shocked me was how seamlessly Shadow ran. There was absolutely no lag on the game reacting to button presses. No slowdown in the game running at all. Honestly, you couldn’t tell you were streaming the game to your device over the internet. It genuinely felt like the games were installed on the device we were playing.


Upgrading Your PC

Not only does Shadow provide you with a full feature Windows 10 PC. But it also provides free upgrades for life! Basically, as soon as the latest graphics card comes out then your Shadow PC has it. No need to constantly pay out hundreds of pounds to upgrade your gaming rig. It is all done for free and without interrupting your connection.

Even if something goes wrong with your Shadow PC you are automatically and transparently switched over to a new Shadow PC.

How Much Does Shadow Cost?

So a streaming service that means you never need to pay for or upgrade your PC ever again. An app that makes owning a desktop PC completely obsolete. The ease of accessing your Windows 10 gaming PC from your laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.  Surely this has got to be expensive right?

Getting your very own shadow PC is simple, easy and cost just £26.95 a month. yep £26.95 a month means you have a supercharged gaming PC that will always update itself for free for life and you can access it from any internet enabled device.



How To Get Shadow

Whilst I have been ranting about how amazing Shadow is. Please bear in mind we were shown a demonstration of this at EGX 2018. So I am well aware we were shown Shadow under controlled conditions. We are hoping to test it out ourselves in the coming weeks and review the service properly for our readers. If what you have read and seen as enticed you enough already then you can head over to the Shadow website and sign up today.

If you have any questions you can get hold of the Shadow team over on Twitter @Shadow_Official

If you do sign up please let us know your experience in the comments below.