World of Warships: Legends – Massive Update!

by Badger Nimahson

After a massively hyped three day countdown on social media the big reveal was… Details of the November update and by Nimah there is a lot to unpack!

Ranked Matches

First up and probably the biggest addition to World of Warships: Legends is ranked matches. Ranked matches are an addition players have been wanting for a while now.

Not only will ranked matches give you a purpose other than grinding ships but will match-make you in with similar tier brackets. Rank 10-6 are matched together and 5-1 matched together.

That can only mean that in the top league of ranked matches (tier 5-1) will be a completely different and satisfying experience as all players involved will not only know how to use their ships but also how to play as a team.

They only downside I can see to ranked matches is that soon as you it tier 1 you are no longer able to take part in the season. This makes absolutely no sense to me as i would love to see an elite rank of players holding the top rank and trying to keep the tier 2’s out.

Warships ranked matches

Port Filter!!!!

This is probably the most requested quality of life feature asked for by the World of Warships: Legends community.

Since the games launch almost every player has managed to grind various ships for various countries result in a ship selection screen that can take you 20+ seconds to scroll through. The port filter is extremely needed now and fans all across the player base will be delighted to finally receive it.

Warships Port Filter

Cross Play

Cross play is also another feature that has been requested for a long while and will finally be appearing in World of Warships: Legends as of Monday 25th November…sort of.

PlayStation 4 players and Xbox One players will indeed be able to take part in the same battles but there is no way to invite to division, no cross platform friends list and no cross platform chat. meaning the only way to play with or against your friends on another platform is pure chance.

I’ll be honest this is a little disappointing. There is some wonderful content creators on Xbox that we were hoping to team up with but it seems that will still be a while away as WarGaming has said they would like to offer these features but cannot promise anything.

The good thing about cross play being implemented in the way it has is that Xbox One players will now be able to access a decent sized player base. Recent social media posts have claimed the player base on Xbox One is dwindling with some claims of matching up in 1v1 encounters!

Warship Cross play

New Maps

Three new domination maps will also arrive with the November update. The Land of Fire map will feature in tier 5-7 domination matches and comes with either a cloudy or rain weather scenario.

Warship land of Fire

The Atlantic map will also feature in tier 5-7 domination matches and has a cloudy and an evening weather scenario

Warship The Atlantic

The last of the new maps to be added in the November update is Trap. This will feature in tier 4-6 domination matches and has Sunny and Evening weather scenarios.

Warships Trap

Black Friday Sale

American consumerism as a pervese way of invading other cultures and there is no better example than Black Friday.

World of Warships: Legends is quite well known for its high price of premium ships so this should really be of no surprise but if you own the Scharnhorst, Atlanta or Warspite you can now have the joy of purchasing them yet again but this time in black!

I apologise, that is really cynical of me but honestly we know nothing about these special Black Friday ships other than they are black.

As well as the Black Ships you can also purchase a Black Friday crate for 1000 doubloons which will feature one of the following contents:

  • 10 Promotion Orders
  • 1 Insignia
  • 1 Universal Commendations
  • 25k Global XP
  • 14 Days of Premium Time
  • 15 Sets of the Shadow Camouflage
  • 1,5mil Credits
  • 1250 Doubloons
  • a random Black ship
Warships Black Friday Crate

Voice Chat Disabled as Default

You would think a game like World of Warships:Legends that is built on team work between 3 teams of 3 or even worse 9 solo players that voice chat would be imperative.

Unfortunately, as with most PS4 games hardly anyone uses a mic. If they do they are generally in party chat with friends anyway.

Those solo players who do use mic however, tend not to use it to communicate with their fellow captains but instead blast crappy music or have crying babes/shouting partners/angry parents/insert annoying noise here all throughout the match.

Thankfully that is a thing of the past when the November update arrives. Honestly this isn’t a bad thing at all.

Tirpitz available for Global XP

As of Monday 25th November the Tirpitz will be available to purchase for 750k Global XP. there is no date announced for how long this offer will be available for other than “the foreseeable future”. So hopefully there is no need to panic and everyone has enough time to grind out the XP and get themselves a shiny new Tirpitz.

Balance changes

As well as being available to purchase for Global XP the Tirpitz is also getting a bit of a boost. She isn’t alone in being boosted though. The British Battleship The Vanguard is getting a couple of upgrades too.

  • Tirpitz:
    • Repair Party consumable’s effectiveness was raised by 20% for restoring modules and by 50% when restoring the citadel HP.
    • The chance of receiving a critical hit to the citadel was reduced. Additionally the ship’s draft is decreased.
    • Main battery reload time was reduced from 26 seconds to 25 seconds
  • Vanguard:
    • The fire chance of Vanguard’s HE shells have been increased from 38% to 42%
    • The citadel deck armor was increased from 32mm to 50mm for both hulls.
    • The chance of receiving a critical hit to the citadel was reduced. Additionally the ship’s draft is decreased.

As with everything in life what goes up most go down. Whilst the Tirpitz and the Vanguard get boosted the Kaiser and the Konig are getting “rebalanced”

  • Kaiser:
    • The rudder shift time for both hulls was increased by 1.5 seconds
      • Hull A: From 18.3 s to 19.4 s
      • Hull B: From 13.0 s to 14.2 s
    • The maximum shell damage of armor piercing was reduced for both hulls
      • Hull A: maximum damage was reduced from 8300 to 8000
      • Hull B: maximum damage was reduced from 8400 to 8100
    • The credit income was decreased by ~5%
  • K├Ânig:
    • The rudder shift time for both hulls was increased by 3 seconds
      • Hull A: From 18.5 s to 20.8 s
      • Hull B: From 13.2 s to 15.5 s
    • The maximum shell damage of armor piercing was reduced for both hulls
      • Hull A: maximum damage was reduced from 8300 to 8000
      • Hull B: maximum damage was reduced from 8400 to 8100
    • The credit income was decreased by ~13%
    • The experienced gained was reduced by 7%

Other fixes and UI upgrades

There are a few more tweaks to the UI and a couple of bug fixes coming in the new update but they are minor and this article has gone on long enough already (is anyone still reading at this point?)

If you want to see exactly what the minor changes are then you can read the full in depth patch notes here.

Final Thoughts

This is one hell of a massive update. possibly the biggest to date for World of Warships:Legends. There is some extremely good features being implemented, some slightly disappointing and some straight up cash grabs.

A quick list of how i personally feel about the update:


  • Ranked Matches
  • Port Filter
  • New Maps


  • The Black Friday Ships
  • No division, friend list or chat in Cross Play

Overall it is an impressive update. Most importantly it shows that WarGaming have been listening to their player base.

Personally i cant wait till 11 am Monday to dive straight into ranked battle and begin that grind to rank 1.

What are your thoughts on the World of Warships: Legends November update? Happy with the new features? What new features would you add? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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