World War Z


Review By Marc Smith

World War Z is a 3rd person shooter fast-paced survival zombie game, that is brought to you by Sabre, based on the Paramount Pictures film World War Z it’s a four-person co-op game with hundreds of hordes of the undead to unleash the pain on to!

The graphics in World War Z has not gone for the realism look but it is still wonderfully textured and stunning, especially when you have hundreds of the undead frantically running towards you and your team scaling walls, fences as well as themselves in some sort of zombie pyramid so they can get to you to rip you a new one!

Ok, let’s talk Game Modes there are two main game modes in World War Z, a story mode (online and offline), as well as multiplayer online. The story mode is a co-op 4 player survival mission based in 4 cities, New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Jerusalem.

There are 3 episodes per city, With different classes and characters to choose from and with the fast-paced game that World War Z is it will only take 5 hours to complete the story but with upgraded classes and guns as you progress you can re-run on the harder difficulties to make one mental intense zombie killing experience.

Now multiplayer mode is quite similar to other online multiplayer with death matches and games of domination as well as a few other game modes thrown in for fun but there as a twist in all of them.

You and your enemies have a mutual enemy, the hordes of the undead so be careful about your tactics with who and what to shoot first! Just like the story mode, there is different classes, guns and layouts but make sure to check them out as there are a few extra classes and different perks to make use of.

Now the Gameplay as much as it is fun can become very repetitive with the structure of the game not changing once you get past the first few episodes. In story mode you realise that there is not much more to see from the game but with the multiplayer PVP aspect thrown in there you can always jump out of Story mode and dive in to mental situation of fighting other survivors as well as the undead which don’t get me wrong  can be brutally punishing to your K.D ratio but is mighty fun.

With story mode been able to play online and offline it can be sometimes annoying on either side of it as where offline it is the a.i that helps you but to be honest they only help with the killing they do not seem to like collecting or interacting with objects or loot that you find around the maps. For example, there are turrets, electric fences-mats and barbed wire as to be done by you alone.

But playing online in story mode can have some setbacks if your not in your own 4 player party with friends and other people that join do not work as a team and go all lone ranger on it,

You will find that you will die a lot as the game does take a lot of communicating and teamwork, as there are a few different zombie types, The Bull big heavily armoured and charges at you, The Screamer, screams at distant to attract the hordes to where you are, The Hazmat releases toxic gas when shot unless its a headshot and then there is The Reaper who hides in the shadows and jumps on you from the shadows and tries ripping your face off.

The Bull and The Reaper are the ones to watch out for because once they have a hold on you only a teammate can save the day


  • Been able to party up online with friends for the campaign
  • The online multiplayer
  • Classes and gun levelling system
  • No microtransactions
  • Spectacular zombie hordes that rush in 
  • Different classes to make different styles of teams


  • The Campaign is too short
  • The campaign is very repetitive
  • A.I in the campaign are lazy

After all that has been said my final thought on World War Z would be that it is a good zombie shooter even with its few setbacks with the campaign mode.

The best moments for me was the impressive amount of the undead that scale each other to create the zombie pyramid of doom to unleash hell sadly nothing else in the game really came to that much excitement or fear but despite that with all the other game mechanics thrown in it is a decent zombie game which we all of been waiting and in need of.

Overall Score 7/10

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