June 7, 2023

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Wrongworld – PC Review


Review By Tim Turner


Last week Stoffel Presents asked me to review Wrongworld by indie developer Sludj games and what fun I have had.

Sludj games are basically one tea-drinking guy called Jamie from the upper left region of England and judging by the game he has created he is a very funny man!

You play as an Ewok type creature that has crash landed on a strange world. Using your crafting and combat skills it is your mission to survive long enough to build a spaceship and escape the planet.



The planet you land on is a randomly generated poly world filled with weird creatures that can either help or hinder your progress. The game is meant to be played on normal mode where permadeath is enabled meaning when you die that’s the end. Your game save even gets deleted so death means death.

This is really refreshing in the age of modern games where death has no real consequence in the outcome of the game. There is also an easy mode where permadeath is disabled for those that are struggling or just don’t like the idea of losing all your progress. Hard mode is for the hardcore gamers out there that like things ridiculously difficult with no health regeneration and tougher enemies. I played on the normal mode which seems to be just the right difficulty level for the average gamer.

The graphics are simple which seems to be a deliberate choice rather than being driven by other factors. The characters are cute and derpy to the extreme, especially the snake beasts which take derpy to a whole new level. There seems to be a lot of references to films sneaked into the game like the xenomorphs from Alien or the statue of liberty in Planet of the Apes (The statue of ribbity as I called it in this game!)




The gameplay in Worngworld is intuitive and the tooltips help with anything you’re not sure about. The puzzles in the game are not too difficult but add a lot to the game by giving you nice items or resources to help you on your way. I personally would like to see a lot more puzzles added in future which would help increase the play time of the game. I very nearly finished the game on my second attempt once I realised the most important part of the game is food. Sadly, I ran into a minefield on my pet hamster (yes you can ride a hamster!) and died before I managed to get the last part needed for my spaceship. Oh well, I will enjoy trying again!

The game is mainly centred around crafting and exploration with many items to craft each unlocking further items. You can choose to build a house to stay safe from the many events which happen such as meteor storms and tornados or you can stay on the move. I would recommend building a base place because the inventory is a bit too small to carry all you need. (Unless you find Boxy McBox that is!) Also growing trees and crops will help you a lot as the craftable recipes restore health as well as hunger.



All in all, I found this little gem to be thoroughly enjoyable and very well designed. Hopefully, the game will develop further and maybe more puzzles will be added. I also look forward to what the developer may be working on next cos he is off to a great start with this one!

If you are looking for a game that’s fun, derpy, challenging and makes you think then this is definitely the game for you and at only £10.99 you will definitely get value for money. I’ve played for 15 hours so far and that was trying to speed run the game.

Overall Score –  a solid 8/10

Badger’ s Editor Note:

I caught up with Jamie at EGX 2018 and he was kind enough to give us an interview and discuss Wrongworld.  Apologies for the poor audio halfway through. The batteries in our mic cut out