May 30, 2023

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WTF Is No-one Talking About Sable!? Sweet Lord It Is Beautiful!


Microsoft revealed a gorgeous looking new indie game at Gamescom 2018 called Sable.  Having just watched the presentation I have just seen how utterly beautifully it is!  The game has a amazing looking hand drawn art style.  It reminded me instantly of Journey to give you an idea before you watch the trailer below.



The game is scheduled for late 2019 and I cannot wait to see more.  Unfortunately not much else is known at this time.  From the trailer the game looks like an open world 3D platformer with a huge sense of scale and vastness to the world.


I’ll be keeping an eye on Sable for sure and if I hear anything else you’ll be the first to know about it so stay tuned to Stoffel Presents!