Review By Jodie Anderson

Wuppo is a two man passion project with hand-drawn visuals and a huge but crazy world to explore. Developed and published by kruist and perzik and Soedesco. The story of Wuppo revolves around a little ball-shaped creature known as Wum.

Play as an exiled wum who got thrown out of his home for spilling icecream from the lobby to his home. Wuppo has to search the lengths and width of the big bizarre world to find a new home to live.

But on his travels in this big, crazy world he will meet strange creatures, monsters and also will have to complete some easy to hard challenges.

It all starts once you entre the Wum garden from been thrown from wum’s balcony, this is where your journey begins and the challenges start.


You are advised to knock a wall down and to find an underground tunnel, you meet some strange creature’s along the way including a helpful parrot. Wum has to search high and low including the challenges on the way, Be careful of the big thorn branches which knock your life down from 100, each time you touch the thorn branches it takes 10% of your life off.

Also, you have to climb high into the trees to the top of the buildings without falling off but be aware the leaves do fall off if wum is on them too long so you have to be quick.

while you are on the journey to find wum a new home you will see little pots with an S on it, go into the pot to save the game up to where you are at the time. therefor you will not have to start far back if you get killed or lose your life.

Controls are easy once you which key is for what, so pc keyboard move with A and D, jump with W, duck and dive with S, inventory -TAB, pause/map- ESC. Also, use your mouse to click on answers when other creatures ask you questions or want to talk.


My thoughts on this game are mixed, I did enjoy the game and laughed too much but it was really frustrating. When I first started wuppo it went really slow, the first bit of the game just before wum lost his home. after a few attempts, I finally got onto the part where the wums journey begins.

The actual game itself is good, funny also frustrating and difficult at times which is perfect for people who are determined to complete challenges. I did enjoy the game once I got hang of it, definitely got my brain going but always stress levels high.

I just kept getting Wum killed and taken a while to complete some challenges but it wouldn’t be a great game if every part of wums journey was easy. This Game is not for me personally but I would recommend Wuppo to someone whos got time on there hands as its no walk in the park! and a lot of patience.

Overall Score given is 7/10

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