March 27, 2023

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Yorkshire Gubbins – PC Review


I have had the immense pleasure of not only Following Yorkshire Gubbins around the expo circuit in the UK but also playing Yorkshire Gubbins on steam. As a passionate, loyal and proud Yorkshireman it is a hilarious, joyful beauty to play.
After meeting the games designer, writer, coder, director and tea maker Charlotte Gore and listening to her enthusiastically explain the game to me I was quite excited to play Yorkshire Gubbins. But it did get me thinking I can’t remember the last time I really enjoyed a good old fashioned point and click puzzle game. Thankfully Yorkshire Gubbins didn’t disappoint.

The game starts with the wonderfully hilarious and aptly named Verb School tutorial. A simple 15 min walk through of the 9 different verbs used throughout the game and the games control system which from the name of the genre is quite simple. you point and click.
The graphics in Yorkshire Gubbins whilst simple pixels somewhat lend to the charm and feel of the game and the story is a beautiful show of contrived, Yorkshire grit and an over exaggerated crisis.
You play as Steggy and it is the morning of the Great Yorkshire Pie Contest but your best friend Bertrella has stolen the special meat that you need for your special meat and potato pie. What follows next is approximately two hours of a wonderful series of weird characters including slug monsters, witches, vampires, safe, clean and normal Yorkshire robots, fun puzzles, amazing voice acting and in true point and click style that one infuriating puzzle that you just can’t figure out but soon as you do you feel stupid for not getting it straight away.

In short Yorkshire Gubbins is a wonderful nostalgic trip back to my childhood days of playing amazing point and click adventures like Monkey Island on the Amiga 500 and Discworld on the PS1. It is an amazing fete of work from a single developer and I can’t wait for future episodes to be released. And Charlotte if you are reading this…….Thy dun gud lass, Thy dun gud
Overall Score 8/10